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Waiver Budgets

A question was asked by Triple Crown about waiver budgets in the league.  The waiver budget is a new item that some may be unfamiliar with, and has apparently been rolled out on other sites.  Since we use Yahoo! to host the league, we’ll let them explain the rules:
In a Free Agents Acquisition Budgets (FAAB) waivers system, each manager receives a dollar amount to place blind bids on waived players. The manager with the highest bid at the end of the waiver period claims that player and that bid amount is deducted from the team’s acquisition budget. If multiple managers place an equal bid on a player, tiebreak options are available as described above.

So basically, instead of just claiming somebody off the waiver wire, you put in a bid to acquire them, and if more than one person lays claim to the player, the higher bid wins.

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