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Week 3 Recap

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

The season’s fully in the swing of things, now with Week 3 of the IFB in the books.  One team’s dominating performance this week helped it pull into a tie for first in its division, and early favorites are starting to show their muscle.  Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

  • Best record – Ferris Indians (10-1-1)
  • Most runs – Ferris Indians (43)
  • Most hits – Ferris Indians (82)
  • Most home runs – Bo Hart All Stars (10)
  • Most RBIs – Bo Hart All Stars (49)
  • Most stolen bases – Ferris Indians (11)
  • Best average – Ferris Indians (11)
  • Most wins – Triple Crown (6)
  • Least losses – Sparland Hilltoppers, All Balls No Strikes, Ferris Indians, Funky Cold Molina (1)
  • Most saves – 7 heaven, Triple Crown, All Balls No Strikes, Ferris Indians (5)
  • Least walks – Bambinos (9)
  • Most K’s – Triple Crown (58)
  • Lowest ERA – Sparland Hilltoppers (1.64)

And now a look at the division leaders and wild card spots:

  • Reagan – Sparland Hilltoppers (23-10-3)
  • Lincoln – BooBooCubs* and Ferris Indians (24-10-2)
  • Obama – Triple Crown (20-15-1)
  • Grant – 7 heaven (22-13-1)
  • Ferris Indians (24-10-2)
  • BJ Penn (21-14-1)
  • Muse Academy Muses (21-14-1)
  • Bo Hart All Stars (15-15-6)

Note: Yahoo! sets the tiebreaker and determines who is ahead of who if two teams have similar records.  A post explaining this will be added later on today.

And now let’s take a look at this week’s match-ups:

  • All Balls No Strikes (9-25-2) vs. Quincy Dirtbags (10-24-2)
  • Bo Hart All Stars (15-15-6) vs. Muse Academy Muses (21-14-1)
  • Funky Cold Molina (16-20-0) vs. Bushwhackers (13-22-1)
  • Most Daring (11-24-1) vs. Bambinos (14-17-5)
  • 7 heaven (22-13-1) vs. BJ Penn (21-14-1)
  • Triple Crown (20-15-1) vs. BooBooCubs (24-10-2)
  • Ferris Indians (24-10-2) vs. Sparland Hilltoppers (23-10-2)
  • Anabolic A Rods (14-19-3) vs. JSloan (15-20-1)

When you consider records, there are a lot of high-quality match-ups this week.  A lot of teams with great records playing each other, and, in the same boat, a lot of teams with bad records playing each other.  This has the making to be a moving type of week, so early in the season.  Considering all the match-ups this week, the featured one this week is between division leaders, and teams with two of the best records in the league right now.  The featured match-up this week is Ferris Indians vs. Sparland Hilltoppers.

Last week’s featured match-up was much closer than the previous one, with BJ Penn squeaking out a 6-5-1 record over Bo Hart All Stars.  BJ Penn took victories in hits, stolen bases, average, wins, losses, and walks.  Bo Hart All Stars took wins in runs, home runs, RBIs, Ks, and ERA.  The saves category was the only tie.

Good luck to all for another exciting week in the IFB!

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Week 2 Recap

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Another week of the IFB is in the books.  It may be early, but there is already craziness afoot in the league.  Last week’s best team, Bushwhackers, had the tables turned on them and ended up with the worst record in the league this week, not picking up a single victory.  The closest battle this week was BJ Penn picking up more wins over Funky Cold Molina 7-5.

And now for a look at the weekly stats:

  • Best record – Ferris Indians (11-0-1)
  • Most runs – Muse Academy Muses (47)
  • Most hits – JSloan (89)
  • Most home runs – Muse Academy Muses (13)
  • Most RBIs – Triple Crown (47)
  • Most stolen bases – Quincy Dirtbags (11)
  • Best average – Funky Cold Molina (.315)
  • Most wins – Bo Hart All Stars (6)
  • Least losses – BJ Penn, Sparland Hilltoppers, Bo Hart All Stars, Anabolic A Rods (1)
  • Most saves – Bambinos, 7 heaven (6)
  • Least walks – Most Daring (12)
  • Most K’s – Muse Academy Muses (55)
  • Lowest ERA – Sparland Hilltoppers (1.93)

Here’s a look at the division leaders, and wild card spots:

  • Reagan – Muse Academy Muses (15-8-1)
  • Lincoln – BooBooCubs (17-7-0)
  • Obama – Triple Crown and JSloan (11-12-1)
  • Grant – 7 heaven (18-6-0)
  • BJ Penn (15-9-0)
  • Ferris Indians (14-9-1)
  • Sparland Hilltoppers (13-8-3)
  • Bo Hart All Stars (10-9-5)

And a look at this week’s matchups:

  • All Balls No Strikes (6-18-0) vs. BooBooCubs (17-7-0)
  • Bo Hart All Stars (10-9-5) vs. BJ Penn (15-9-0)
  • Funky Cold Molina (8-16-0) vs. JSloan (11-12-1)
  • Most Daring (9-14-1) vs. Sparland Hilltoppers (13-8-3)
  • 7 heaven (18-6-0) vs. Anabolic A Rods (7-15-2)
  • Quincy Dirtbags (9-14-1) vs. Ferris Indians (14-9-1)
  • Bambinos (8-11-5) vs. Muse Academy Muses (15-8-1)
  • Bushwhackers (10-13-1) vs. Triple Crown (11-12-1)

This week’s featured match-up will be Bo Hart All Stars vs. BJ Penn, a battle between two wild card teams with the 7th and 4th best records in the league, respectively.  Both teams are coming off two close battles from Week 2, with BHAS taking a 7-2-3 record from Anabolic A Rods, and BJ Penn a 7-5-0 record from Funky Cold Molina.

Last week’s featured match-up between 7 heaven and Triple Crown was never in doubt for 7 heaven, the team with the best record in the IFB.  7 heaven took a 9-3-0 record from Triple Crown.  The only victories TC took this week were in runs, home runs, and RBIs.  A small consolidation prize from the week for TC was that they took the league lead in the week in RBIs.  7 heaven led the league this week in saves.

Good luck to everyone in Week 3!

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Week 1 Results

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Week 1 of the baseball is now in the books.  Let’s take a look at some of the leaders after the first week of action in the IFB:

  • Best record – Bushwhackers (10-2)
  • Most runs – Triple Crown (49)
  • Most hits – BooBooCubs (82)
  • Most home runs – Triple Crown (15)
  • Most RBI – 7 heaven (47)
  • Most stolen bases – Quincy Dirtbags (12)
  • Best average – Bushwhackers (.331)
  • Most wins – Triple Crown (6)
  • Most losses – Most Daring (6)
  • Most saves – BJ Penn (7)
  • Most walks – BJ Penn (28)
  • Most K’s – Most Daring (55)
  • Best ERA – Bushwhackers (2.15)

Here are your division leaders after Week 1:

  • Reagan – Bambinos (6-3-3)
  • Lincoln – BooBooCubs (9-3-0)
  • Obama – Bushwhackers (10-2-0)
  • Grant – 7 heaven (9-3-0)

And the schedule for Week 2:

  • All Balls No Strikes (2-10-0) vs. JSloan (3-8-1)
  • Bo Hart All Stars (3-6-3) vs. Anabolic A Rods (4-8-0)
  • Funky Cold Molina (3-9-0) vs. BJ Penn (8-4-0)
  • Most Daring (5-6-1) vs. BooBooCubs (9-3-0)
  • 7 heaven (9-3-0) vs. Triple Crown (8-3-1)
  • Quincy Dirtbags (6-5-1) vs. Muse Academy Muses (6-5-1)
  • Bambinos (6-3-3) vs. Sparland Hilltoppers (5-6-1)
  • Bushwhackers (10-2-0) vs. Ferris Indians (3-9-0)

The matchup in bold represents the Matchup of the Week, with Grant Division leader 7 heaven facing off against Triple Crown, second place in the Obama Division.  A battle like this, even though early in the season, could go a long way for playoff positioning.  And with Bushwhackers putting up an impressive 10-2 this week, it’s important for Triple Crown to try and keep the pace.

Good luck to everyone in Week 2!

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Editing Lineups

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

So say you are on vacation, or you do not have time in the morning to fix your lineups for the day.  And you know you have players starting who have the day off, and/or bench players who are playing that day.  What is one to do?

Easy.  E-mail the commissioner of the league with the requested changes that you would like to have done.  Everyone has this option available to them, and is a great way to get that bench player some action.

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IFB Week One Action

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Baseball is finally underway!  And with that, action in the IFB is underway as well.  Here is a look at Week 1 matchups:

  • All Balls No Strikes vs. Bushwhackers
  • Bo Hart All Stars vs. Bambinos
  • Funky Cold Molina vs. 7 heaven
  • Most Daring vs. Quincy Dirtbags
  • Triple Crown vs. JSloan
  • Ferris Indians vs. BooBooCubs
  • Anabolic A Rods vs. BJ Penn
  • Muse Academy Muses vs. Sparland Hilltoppers
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