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IFB Update 8/10/2010

Welcome to the first blog update on the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League in a couple months.  First off, many apologies for not updating the blog.  An explanation is in order, so here it goes….

For those that do not know me personally, my full-time job is News Director as a small-town radio station in Streator.  Running the league is a hobby, and quite an prominent one in my book.  But all that changed one Saturday evening.  If you remember (or not), a tornado hit the city of Streator on June 5th, damaging numerous homes and putting quite a few families homeless.  As News Director (and the only news guy at my station), it was my sole responsibility to report on the tornado and its after effects.  That led to many numerous double-digit hour days, and honestly, running the league was an afterthought in the aftermath of the tornado.  That’s what led to me pretty much ceasing to follow my other fantasy teams (apart from the one in this league) and neglecting to update the blog with the time and attention that I had before.  That coupled with other events in my life that included moving to a new residence took time away from running the league to its full capacity.  Nevertheless, this blog will continue to work until the end of the season.

I hope that satisfies everyone’s questions.  Now, moving on, here’s a couple changes to the blog from what it used to be ran. 

  • A weekly total of the leaders in each stat category will not be published for the rest of this year, with plans to bring it back next season.  Instead, there will be awards for the best total in each category at the end of the regular season.
  • Since there are four regular season weeks left, each weekly update will include an update on the playoff race.  This update will include the standings if there were not any divisions, if any teams have clinched a playoff spot, and if any teams have been eliminated as well.  There will also be tabs on the division races.
  • If league members have questions to pose, they may e-mail me at toonboy92484@yahoo.com, with possible publishing and explanation.  The next blog update (which will be by Wednesday at the latest) will feature a controversy recently brought up surrounding the trade deadline.

Here’s to hoping the blog gets back on track.  Also, a fantasy football version of the league is currently running, with 3 teams of the 16 in the baseball league signed up.  Not everyone in the league will be able to participate, as some members for various reasons will not be able to or have declined to do so.  But if you like to continue the fun for the football season, please request an invite.

Happy fantasy!

T.J. Carson

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