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Wanna Win? Gotta make a move.

As of 10:30 A.M. on August 17th, there have been 347 roster moves in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.  Yahoo! defines the roster moves as adding a player from free agency or waivers, and does not count dropped players or players that were traded (just to get that cleared up).  Taking a look at the various roster moves of the teams in the league, a trend started to develop.

The teams that are in contention for playoff spots and division leads are making the most moves.

It’s almost logical in a way.  If you do nothing with your team and let them become stale, then they won’t do much.  Keep it updated, and you can do well.

Here’s a list of every team in the league in order by how many moves they made, along with moves made, and their overall position in the standings:

  1. Sparland Hilltoppers – 58 moves, 1st
  2. 7 heaven – 49 moves, 3rd
  3. JSloan – 45 moves, 2nd
  4. Muse Academy Muses – 39 moves, 6th
  5. BJ Penn – 37 moves, 4th
  6. Ferris Indians – 22 moves, 7th
  7. All Balls No Strikes – 21 moves, 8th
  8. BooBooCubs – 19 moves, 5th
  9. Most Daring – 15 moves, 9th
  10. Quincy Dirtbags – 15 moves, 15th
  11. Triple Crown – 11 moves, 13th
  12. Bo Hart All Stars – 10 moves, 11th
  13. Funky Cold Molina – 5 moves, 10th
  14. Bushwackers – 1 move, 16th
  15. (tie) Anabolic A Rods and Bambinos – 0 moves, 12th and 14th

To further elevate the point, here’s a couple numbers to back up the claim:

  • Of the teams currently in 1st to 8th place (playoff spots), they have combined to make 290 moves, or 83.6% of the moves in the league
  • Of the four division leaders (Sparland Hilltoppers, JSloan, 7 heaven, BooBooCubs), they have combined to make 171 moves, or 49.3% of the moves in the league

The numbers back up the point, apart from possibly one or two execptions: if you want to win the league, keep your roster fresh.

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