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IFB Wild Card Outlook

With just a few weeks left in the season, the race to grab 4 wild card spots is growing with tension and excitement.  So here’s a breakdown of 5 teams that are fighting to stay above 8th place overall in the league, and gain a birth in the playoffs.  Of note though, this post was written on Friday, August 20th, and looking at the results of Week 20 so far and seeing some match-ups turn out the way they are, the race could tighten up even more.

The five teams in consideration for this post are the teams currently between 6th and 10th place; Muse Academy Muses, Ferris Indians, All Balls No Strikes, Most Daring, and Funky Cold Molina.

First, a look at how the teams have performed in the past month, ranked by best winning percentage:

  1. Funky Cold Molina – 23-23-2, .500
  2. Muse Academy Muses – 19-20-9, .490
  3. All Balls No Strikes – 19-24-5, .448
  4. Most Daring – 20-25-3, .448
  5. Ferris Indians – 19-26-3, .427

And now a look at the combined winning percentage of the remaining opponents for the five teams, ranked by lowest percentage, as of Monday, with noting that results for Week 20 are currently breaking expectations in some cases:

  1. Funky Cold Molina vs. Anabolic A Rods, Bambinos, and All Balls No Strikes – 279-344-61, .452
  2. Most Daring vs. Bushwackers, All Balls No Strikes, and BJ Penn – 306-327-51, .485
  3. Ferris Indians vs. JSloan, Bo Hart All Stars, and Anabolic A Rods – 312-315-57, .498
  4. All Balls No Strikes vs. 7 heaven, Most Daring, and Funky Cold Molina – 332-315-37, .512
  5. Muse Academy Muses vs. BooBooCubs, Triple Crown, and 7 heaven – 337-307-40, .522

So to review, not only does Funky Cold Molina have the best record over the past month than the other 4 wild card contenders, but they also have the easiest schedule for the rest of the season.  It would not be surprising at this point to see Funky Cold Molina sneak into the playoffs.  Also, the team with the best record amongst the 5, Muse Academy Muses, has the toughest road to the playoffs, which features two current division leaders.  Factoring in this week’s results, it is possible for Muse Academy Muses to collapse and miss out on the postseason.

All Balls No Strikes will have a very interesting fight in the last two weeks of the season, as they play the 9th and 10th place teams, respectively.  It is very possible that the wild card slots could be decided with those matchups.

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