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IFB Update 8/23/2010

Two weeks left to go in the season, and anyone hoping for tighter races got what they wished for.  The wild card race is getting closer, with now 5 teams within 12 games of each other, fighting for potentially 3 wild card spots.  This week also saw the first division champion crowned for 2010, along with a team name change.  Let’s begin with a couple bullet points to explain in further detail:

  • During the week, 7 heaven renamed itself to 2010 not a Holliday.  First, I was unaware that a team could change its name in the middle of the season.  Second, it’s not a big deal since I know who is who and can figure out changes pretty quickly.
  • Sparland Hilltoppers became the first team to win their division this season.  A 9-3-0 victory over Bo Hart All Stars, couple with Muse Academy Muses losing to BooBooCubs 4-8-0 placed enough distance between the two team for Sparland Hilltoppers to claim the Reagan Division.  Because of this, Sparland Hilltoppers is guaranteed a top 4 seed when the playoffs start in a couple weeks.
  • Three teams were officially eliminated for playoff contention this past week; Bambinos, Quincy Dirtbags, and Buchwackers.

Now let’s get down to a breakdown of the standings.  First off, the overall standings:

  1. Sparland Hilltoppers; 150-73-17
  2. JSloan; 131-91-18
  3. BJ Penn; 129-96-15
  4. BooBooCubs; 128-97-15
  5. 2010 not a Holliday; 127-98-15
  6. Ferris Indians; 118-102-20
  7. Muse Academy Muses; 118-105-17
  8. All Balls No Strikes; 113-105-22
  9. Most Daring; 114-113-13
  10. Funky Cold Molina; 109-116-15
  11. Bo Hart All Stars; 98-122-20
  12. Anabolic A Rods; 93-123-24
  13. Triple Crown; 98-131-11
  14. Bambinos; 87-133-20
  15. Quincy Dirtbags; 90-138-12
  16. Bushwackers; 82-142-16

The next standings here will detail teams still in the hunt for the wild card, ordered by ranking and, if need be, games back:

  1. 2010 not a Holliday
  2. Ferris Indians
  3. Muse Academy Muses
  4. All Balls No Strikes
  5. Most Daring; 3.5 GB
  6. Funky Cold Molina; 7.5 GB
  7. Bo Hart All Stars; 16 GB
  8. Anabolic A Rods; 19 GB
  9. Triple Crown; 20.5 GB

Now a look at the standings for the top seed in the playoffs:

  1. Sparland Hilltoppers
  2. JSloan; 18.5
  3. BJ Penn; 22 GB
  4. BooBooCubs; 23 GB
  5. 2010 not a Holliday; 24 GB

Sparland Hilltoppers became the first team to claim a division this past week, but there are still many good division races going on.  Here’s a look at the other three divisions:


  1. BooBooCubs
  2. Ferris Indians; 7.5 GB
  3. Most Daring; 15 GB


  1. JSloan
  2. All Balls No Strikes; 16 GB


  1. BJ Penn
  2. 2010 not a Holliday; 2 GB
  3. Funky Cold Molina; 20 GB

Clinching scenarios will be updated in a future post (hopefully later today), but here’s a look at the big match-ups for Week 21:

  • All Balls No Strikes (113-105-22) vs. Most Daring (114-133-13): This is the featured match-up for Week 21.  There are a couple better match-ups out there in terms of records, but this match-up is the featured one because it will shape the wild card race.  All Balls No Strikes is 8th overall, holding on to the last wild card spot by 3.5 games over 9th-placed Most Daring.  A big win by All Balls No Strikes this week can be devastating to the playoff hopes for Most Daring.  A big win by Most Daring this week could leap-frog them into a wild card spot, and send the race to the final week of the season.
  • 2010 not a Holliday (127-98-15) vs. BooBooCubs (128-97-15): Overall, only one game is the difference between these two teams, 5th and 4th in the standings, respectively.  These two teams are most likely going to make the playoffs, but both have more to play for.  BooBooCubs could win their division this week, currently holding a 7.5 game lead over Ferris Indians in the Lincoln Division.  2010 not a Holliday is only 2 games out in the Grant Division, trailing a BJ Penn team that has a favorable match-up this week.  Winning your division is huge, as it gets you a top 4 seed in the playoffs.

2 weeks left in the season, and much is still to be decided with the wild card, divisions, and more.  Good luck to all in Week 21!

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