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Illinois Football League Team List

With just over a week left until the draft for the inaugural season of the Illinois Football League (fantasy football on Yahoo!), 13 of the 16 available slots have been filled up.  The draft takes place Sunday, Sept. 5th, at 7:00 CDT.

Here’s a list of teams that have signed up for the league so far, in order of when they joined:

  1. Muse Academy Muses
  2. Da Win
  3. Romosexual Xperience
  4. DaBearColts
  5. Most Daring
  6. Sparland Hilltoppers
  7. Bad News Bears
  8. Rex Cooley All-Stars
  9. The Grove Johnsons
  10. B1R
  11. first ‘n ten
  12. Tim TebOwned
  13. Niemi No No

The list contains a mix of managers familiar to people playing in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League, and some new players.

If you were unsure who is who, here’s a list of IFL teams with their IFB counterpart:

  • Muse Academy Muses – Muse Academy Muses
  • Da Win – 2010 not a Holliday
  • Romosexual Xperience – Ferris Indians
  • DaBearColts – BooBooCubs
  • Most Daring – Most Daring
  • Sparland Hilltoppers – Sparland Hilltoppers
  • Bad News Bears – JSloan
  • Rex Cooley All-Stars – Quincy Dirtbags
  • first ‘n ten – Triple Crown
  • Tim TebOwned – Funky Cold Molina

And the list of newcomers includes:

  • The Grove Johnsons
  • B1R
  • Niemi No No

Looking forward to a great season with all the teams, and if you know anyone that wants to join, have them send an e-mail to toonboy92484@yahoo.com

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