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IFB Week 21 Summary

One week to go in the fantasy baseball regular season, and the action is only getting hotter.  Week 21 saw three more teams clinch spots in the postseason, while three teams were officially eliminated from playoff contention.  That leaves 6 teams fighting for 4 playoff spots this week in Week 22, the last week of the regular season.

First, here’s a look at the season standings up to Week 21:

  1. Sparland Hilltoppers – 156-76-20
  2. JSloan – 136-96-20
  3. BooBooCubs – 137-98-17
  4. BJ Penn – 136-101-15
  5. Ferris Indians – 126-105-21
  6. 2010 not a Holliday – 128-107-17
  7. Muse Academy Muses – 124-111-17
  8. All Balls No Strikes – 118-111-23
  9. Most Daring – 120-118-14
  10. Funky Cold Molina – 116-121-15
  11. Bo Hart All Stars – 101-130-21
  12. Triple Crown – 104-137-11
  13. Anabolic A Rods – 96-129-27
  14. Bambinos – 92-140-20
  15. Quincy Dirtbags – 95-145-12
  16. Bushwackers – 87-147-18

With a 20 game lead, Sparland Hilltoppers has a big enough gap to clinch the top seed in the IFB Playoffs, which start next week.  Three teams have also clinched playoff spots after Week 21; JSloan, BooBooCubs, and BJ Penn.  All three teams are ahead by enough games over the 9th placed team (and as a matter of fact, 8th place) to qualify for a playoff spot.  JSloan also qualified by winning the Obama Division, thus assuring them a top-four place in next week’s playoffs.

The wild card race is going down to the wire in Week 22, with 6 teams fighting for 4 open slots.  Here’s a look at the standings for the 6 teams:

  1. Ferris Indians; 126-105-21, 7 games ahead
  2. 2010 not a Holliday; 128-107-17, 7 games ahead
  3. Muse Academy Muses; 124-111-17, 3 games ahead
  4. All Balls No Strikes; 118-111-23
  5. Most Daring; 120-118-14, 2.5 games back
  6. Funky Cold Molina; 116-121-15, 6 games back

 Three teams are separated by 5.5 games in the 7th-9th positions.  A bad week by one of those teams could end their postseason dreams.

Even though they man not be as tight as the wild card races, there are still two divisions up for grabs in Week 22.  They are:


  1. BooBooCubs; 137-98-17
  2. Ferris Indians; 126-105-21, 9 GB


  1. BJ Penn; 136-101-15
  2. 2010 not a Holliday; 128-107-17, 7 GB

And now, here’s a look at the top match-ups for Week 22:

  • All Balls No Strikes (118-111-23) vs. Funky Cold Molina (116-121-15): This match-up features the team in the last playoff spot against one of the team’s chasing them.  Funky Cold Molina sits 6 games back of the final playoff spot.  In order for Funky Cold Molina to have a chance, they need to post at least 9 wins this week against All Balls No Strikes.  Any number less will eliminate them from the postseason.  But both teams also have to contend with Most Daring in the 9th slot, who could still eliminate both teams with a strong showing this week against BJ Penn.
  • 2010 not a Holliday (128-107-17) vs. Muse Academy Muses (124-111-17): This match-up features the 6th and 7th placed teams overall right now.  2010 not a Holliday is currently 7 games up on a wild card spot, and is most likely going to make the postseason, barring a collapse.  The match-up is more important to the Muse Academy Muses, who are only 3 games up on the 8th position.  An even record this week by both teams could lock-up the postseason.  But a lopsided defeat would harm the Muse Academy Muses a little bit more.
  • Most Daring (120-118-14) vs. BJ Penn (136-101-15): BJ Penn is already assured of a playoff birth, but has a lot to play for this week.  Only 5.5 wins are needed to win the Grant Division and take a to-four seed in next week’s playoffs, with the chance to climb higher in the standings and get a better seed.  Most Daring is playing for their playoff lives this week, and is looking to leap frog All Balls No Strikes into the final playoff spot.

Week 22 will be an exciting one as the league goes down to the wire.  Check out the blog each day for updates on the final week, previews of the upcoming Illinois Football League, and more.  One feature to hopefully be attained is where the standings are after each day this week.  Good luck to all!

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