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How do you break a tie?

Today there will not be an updated standings report, since it is just one day into the week, and Mondays typically do not have a full slate of games.  Also, there will not be a wild card or clinching scenario report for Week 22 since it is the last week of the season.  So today, we’ll take a look at something that could pop up Sunday evening…..

How a tie will be broken.

By clicking the link above, you’ll be taken to Yahoo!’s fantasy help section on breaking ties, but we’ll take a look at what will be relevant for the league.

The first tiebreaker is overall winning percentage.  In the league after Week 21, there are two occurrences of teams that are tied with the same winning percentage.  In one case, Triple Crown and Anabolic A Rods are tied at a .442 winning percentage, but both teams are eliminated from the postseason.  The other case, Ferris Indians and 2010 not a Holliday are tied at 5th with a .542 winning percentage.  Yet, Yahoo! shows Ferris Indians at 5th and 2010 not a Holliday 6th.  Why is that?

The next (that applies) tiebreaker, which is winning percentage in the previous week.  In Week 21, Ferris Indians had an 8-3-1 record, while 2010 not a Holliday did badly with a 1-9-2 record.  Therefore, Ferris Indians gets the higher spot for this week.  It even applies for Triple Crown and Anabolic A Rods.  Triple Crown had a 6-6-0 record in Week 21, while Anabolic A Rods went 3-6-3.

Let’s apply this to a scenario for this week, and take the match-up between All Balls No Strikes and Funky Cold Molina as our example.  Funky Cold Molina is 6 games back of All Balls No Strikes going into this week’s match up.  Assuming Most Daring does not pick up enough games to take the 8th spot, Funky Cold Molina would need to have a combination of wins and ties that equal nine to overcome the 6 game difference (a tie counts for a half-win).  If Funky Cold Molina gets exactly 9 wins this week, then All Balls No Strikes and Funky Cold Molina would end the year with an equal winning percentage.  The tiebreaker would go to Funky Cold Molina, because they would have the better Week 22 record.

If the Week 22 record does not break the tie, then it goes to the Week 21 record, and so on and so forth.  And if all the previous weeks records do not break the tie, then a ‘coin flip’ breaks the tie.  In this commissioner’s opinion, it won’t get that far.

Since there are division races still up for grabs, the tiebreakers would work the same way for those as well.  The only difference is that before it goes to the previous week’s records to break the tie, division records are factored in as a tiebreaker.

There you have it.  In summary, if you are tied with someone at the end of the season, you should hope that you finished your season strong.

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