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Illinois Football League Draft Order and Divisions

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14 teams will make up the 2010 Illinois Football League.  The managers of these teams have various backgrounds; a radio news director, a former IHSA Class 1A Slam Dunk Champion, a former college football player, the Communications Director for a Congresswoman, and many more have come together to battle on the fantasy gridiron to see who can become champion.

But in order to become champion, you first have to get your roster.  And you get your roster through the draft, which takes place tonight at 7:00 CDT.  The draw for the draft took place last night, and here is the order in which teams will draft in the first round:

  1. Bad News Bears
  2. Rex Cooley All-Stars
  3. Most Daring
  4. Da Win
  5. B1R
  6. The Grove Johnsons
  7. Niemi No No
  8. DaBearColts
  9. Romosexual Xperience
  10. The Other Side
  11. Muse Academy Muses
  12. Sparland Hilltoppers
  13. Tim TebOwned
  14. first ‘n ten

Since the draft is a snaking draft, that will be the order for all odd-numbered rounds.  All even-numbered rounds will have the draft order in reverse.

Since the league only received 14 teams instead of the desired 16, the divisions had to go down from 4 to 2.  The divisions will be named ‘Reagan’ and ‘Lincoln’ as a tribute to the former North Central Illinois Conference.  The draw for the divisions also happened last night, and here is where every team is placed:

  • Reagan
    • The Grove Johnsons
    • Niemi No No
    • Bad News Bears
    • DaBearColts
    • Sparland Hilltoppers
    • Muse Academy Muses
    • Most Daring
  • Lincoln
    • Romosexual Xperience
    • The Other Side
    • first ‘n ten
    • Tim TebOwned
    • Rex Cooley All-Stars
    • Da Win
    • B1R

Sometime before the first NFL games kick-off on Thursday, the league’s schedule will be posted.  Good luck to all in the IFL!

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