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IFL Week 3 Recap and Other Notes

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Week 3 of the Illinois Football League is in the books.  Here’s a look at the match-ups from Week 3:

  • Da Win  122.42
  • Romosexual Xperience  80.86
  • DaBearColts  127.80
  • The Grove Johnsons  77.10
  • Most Daring   56.50
  • Bad News Bears  92.54
  • Muse Academy Muses  114.18
  • ItsonlikeNdamukong  89.24
  • Sparland Hilltoppers  87.32
  • Rex Cooley All-Stars  106.84
  • B1R    81.94
  • Tim TebOwned  107.20
  • Niemi No No  118.54
  • The Other Side  97.84

After Week 3, there are three undefeated teams left in the league; Tim TebOwned, Bad News Bears, and Rex Cooley All-Stars.  There are also two teams at 2-1, eight teams at 1-2, and Romosexual Xperience is the only team left in the league to not taste victory.  To check out where everyone lies in the overall standings, just click the link.

And now here is a look at awards from Week 3:

  • Most Points
    • DaBearColts – 127.80
  • Toyota Greatest Fantasy Victory
    • DaBearColts – +50.70 points over The Grove Johnsons
  • Hard Luck Loser of the Week
    • Sparland Hilltoppers – -19.52 points behind Rex Cooley All-Stars

And now a look at the match-ups for Week 4:

  • Muse Academy Muses (2-1) vs. The Other Side (1-2) – Match-up of the Week
  • Da Win (1-2) vs. Bad News Bears (3-0)
  • Romosexual Xperience (0-3) vs. Rex Cooley All-Stars (3-0)
  • DaBearColts (1-2) vs. ItsonlikeNdamukong (1-2)
  • Most Daring (2-1) vs. Niemi No No (1-2)
  • Sparland Hilltoppers (1-2) vs. Tim TebOwned (3-0)
  • The Grove Johnsons (1-2) vs. B1R (1-2)

The Match-up of the Week features the 2-1 Muse Academy Muses and the 1-2 The Other Side.  These two teams are the high scoring teams in the league after three weeks, with Muse Academy Muses putting up 308.76 points and The Other Side putting up 304.00 points.  The Other Side is currently 3rd in the Lincoln Division after a tough loss to Niemi No No in Week 3, while Muse Academy Muses is 2nd in the Lincoln Division after a two-game win streak.

And here are some other news and notes from around the various Illinois Fantasy Leagues:

  • The second week in the championship matches are underway in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.  As of Tuesday afternoon, Sparland Hilltoppers held a 7-3-2 lead over 2010 not a Holliday in the championship match.  In the thirds place match, JSloan leads BJ Penn 6-5-1.  In the 5th place match, BooBooCubs leads Most Daring 7-3-2.  And in the 7th place match, Ferris Indians leads Muse Academy Muses 9-2-1.
  • The Illinois Baskeball League is currently in the process of signing up teams for the 2010-11 season.  So far 6 teams have signed up.  The draft is October 24th at 7:00 P.M. CDT.
  • This blog will also be keeping tabs on the Mid-American Hockey League.  The league was only able to obtain 5 teams for the season, and held its draft last evening.
  • Another name change has occurred.  In the Illinois Football League, first ‘n ten has changed its name to ItsonlikeNdamukong.
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