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New poll question!

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

The blog is at a new site, so the question is….should the way the leagues operate change?


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A New Home

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello members of the Illinois Fantasy Leagues!  Major changes are underway for the blog.

First off, many apologies for the lack of updates.  Over the past month, my main job has gone under numerous changes and it has greatly affected my life and when I can do certain things.  And, just like the June 5th tornado, it has zapped energy and motivation to keep the blog updated.  Hopefully that will change and the new blog here will be updated in a more timely manner.

Second, the blog has left BlogSpot and is now here at WordPress.  This is just a test phase currently.

Third, in addition to blogging about the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League and the Illinois Football League, updates will be had on the Illinois Basketball League and the Mid-American Hockey League.

Hopefully everything will work out in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for more changes.

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The 2010 IFB Champion: Sparland Hilltoppers

October 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The playoffs in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League have now concluded, and a champion has been declared.  After a long, dominating season that was repeated in the playoffs, the 2010 champion is:


Here are the results of the final match-ups for the season in the classification rounds:

  • Championship
    • Sparland Hilltoppers   9
    • 2010 not a Holliday    2
  • Third Place:
    • JSloan    6
    • BJ Penn  6
    • JSloan winner based off of tiebreakers
  • Fifth Place:
    • BooBooCubs  10
    • Most Daring    2
  • Seventh Place
    • Muse Academy Muses  3
    • Ferris Indians                9

Congrats to every team on a successful first year in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.  Looking ahead to next year, here is a look at the order of the draft for the 2011 season:

  1. Bushwackers
  2. Quincy Dirtbags
  3. Bambinos
  4. Anabolic A Rods
  5. Triple Crown
  6. Bo Hart All Stars
  7. Funky Cold Molina
  8. All Balls No Strikes
  9. Muse Academy Muses
  10. Ferris Indians
  11. Most Daring
  12. BooBooCubs
  13. BJ Penn
  14. JSloan
  15. 2010 not a Holliday
  16. Sparland Hilltoppers

There also may be a possibility that some teams do not return for the next season.  If that is the case, the draft order will stay the same for all the teams in the league, and new teams will start out at the bottom.  For example:

  • Bushwackers, Bambinos, and All Balls No Strikes did not return next season.  They occupy the 1, 3, and 8 slots in the draft order.  That would mean those three slots would move to the 14th, 15th, and 16th positions, and all other teams would move up in corresponding order.  That would mean Quincy Dirtbags would be first, Anabolic A Rods second, and so on.

Thanks again to everyone for a great first season, and look forward to year 2 in 2011!

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