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2010 IFL Season in Review: The Grove Johnsons

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Here we will begin a series of Season in Reviews for each team in the Illinois Football League.  Each summary will include team records, points scored and given up, the team’s MVP (which will basically be who has the most points scored on that team), best win and worst loss, and longest winning and losing streaks.  Each team will receive a summary after their season is complete.

This is the first in the series of 14, and we begin with the team that finished dead last this year.  The series order will be the final ranking position of each team.  Thus, #1 in the series will be The Grove Johnsons.

The Grove Johnsons

  • Record – 3-11 (0-7 Reagan)
  • Points scored: 1107.28 (13th)
  • Points against: 1401.28 (14th)
  • Team MVP – QB Peyton Manning, 284.42 points
  • Best win – Week 4 vs. B1R (75.28 – 42.90)
  • Worst loss – Week 8 vs. Most Daring (126.78 – 53.12)
  • Longest win streak – 1 (Week 1, 4, 11)
  • Longest losing streak – 6 (Weeks 5-10)

2010 was a rough season for The Grove Johnsons.  The calling card for the 3-11 record this season was points, scoring the second least amount in the league, and giving up the most.  The average score each week for this team is 79.09 for and 100.09 against.

The Grove Johnsons were still in contention through 4 weeks of the year with a 2-2 record.  But a 6-game losing streak, and going 1-9 to close out the season put a certain doom on this team.

The Grove Johnsons had a decent draft position to begin the season at 6th, but only made 7 roster moves all year long, 4th worst in the league, with the last move made in October.  As seen in the IFB, a lack of roster moves can hurt.

There will be hope for the team next year, when they receive the top pick.  But a 3-11 record in 2010 can not sit too well.

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