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The winner of Prairie Bowl I is….

….The Other Side!

The 3rd seed in the playoffs has claimed victory over the 5th seeded Da Win in the first ever Illinois Football League championship.  There is still one NFL game to be played (Rams-Seahawks), but since both teams do not have a player going in that match-up, a winner can be declared.

The Other Side took victory with a score of 105.30 – 74.06.  Congratulations to both teams!

Fun tidbit, this is the second championship appearance for the owner of Da Win.  The same person made the championship in the inaugural IFB season, also losing that match-up to Sparland Hilltoppers.

With one game in hand, here is a look at the other match-ups:

  • The top two seeds in the playoffs (1) Bad News Bears and (2) The Brady Bunch are battling for 3rd.  It appears BNB will take the spot, currently holding a 91.52 – 80.70 lead.  BNB currently has the Rams defense left to play, while TBB has no players left.
  • (4) Sparland Hilltoppers will finish 5th over (7) Most Daring.  Both teams have no players left to play, and SH holds a 63.80 – 38.88 lead.
  • The only match-up left without a clear winner is for 7th place, where (8) TimTebOwned holds a 66.12 – 46.90 lead over (6) ItsonlikeNdamukong.  TT has no players left going, while Itson has Seahawks WR Mike Williams left.

Congratulations again to The Other Side!  The rest of the season summaries should be out this week.  I promise.

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