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2010 Season in Review: Most Daring

Here is installment #9 in the Season in Review Series.


Most Daring

  • Record – 8-9 (3-3 Reagan)
  • Playoffs – Consolation Runner-up
  • Points For – 1226.34 (8th)
  • Points Against – 1187.80 (4th)
  • Playoffs Points For – 207.30 (7th)
  • Playoffs Points Against – 236.78 (2nd)
  • MVP – RB Adrian Peterson (239.90 points)
  • Best Win – Week 8, The Grove Johnsons (126.78 – 53.12)
  • Worst Loss – Week 3, Bad News Bears (92.54 – 57.40)
  • Best Win Streak – 3 (Weeks 12-14)
  • Longest Losing Streak – 3 (Weeks 9-11)

Most Daring did not have a dominating 2010 in terms of player performances, with the New York Jets defense as the MVP runner-up.  And chances at the playoffs were slipping away, after a Week 11 loss to Muse Academy Muses that put Most Daring at 4-7.

But a late-season 3-game winning streak, coupled with a Week 14 loss by the Muses, helped propel Most Daring into a playoff spot.  Unfortunately, championship dreams were squashed with a close defeat in the quarterfinals to The Brady Bunch, ending up as consolation runner-up.

2011 could be a brighter season for Most Daring with more points scored, as they were lucky to be 4th best in points against for 2010.  A good draft could make Most Daring a contender next season.

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