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2010 Season in Review: Bad News Bears

Here is installment #12 of the Season in Review Series:


Bad News Bears

  • Record – 12-4 (7-0 Reagan)
  • Playoffs – 3rd Place
  • Points For – 1405.96 (2nd)
  • Points Against – 1096.50 (1st)
  • Playoffs Points For – 304.62 (2nd)
  • Playoffs Points Against – 237.74 (3rd)
  • MVP – QB Michael Vick (352.32 points)
  • Best Win – Week 14, Muse Academy Muses (148.40 – 92.20)
  • Worst Loss – Week 4, Da Win (58.62 – 41.26)
  • Longest Win Streak – 5 (Weeks 10-14)
  • Longest Losing Streak – 2 (Weeks 8-9)

Bad News Bears was the odds-on favorite to win the first even IFL Championship.  BNB was the 2nd-highest scoring team in the league, and had the least amount of points against them.  A 6-1 start was slightly derailed by a 2-game losing streak in Weeks 8 and 9, but a 5-game winning streak to end 2010 gave BNB all the momentum going into the playoffs.

The top seed in the playoffs (and the only team to be undefeated in their division) had a convincing quarterfinal win over Tim TebOwneed, but BNB was upset in the semifinals with a loss to 5th-seeded Da Win.  In that match-up, BNB only mustered 75.72 points, it’s lowest total since a Week 4 loss (41.26).  BNB took care of business and defeated The Brady Bunch to salvage 3rd place.

A strong team that featured top-pick RB Chris Johnson was bolstered mid-season with the pick up of their eventual MVP, QB Mike Vick.  With the right players, Bad News Bears could make another run in the playoffs next year and make up for a disappointing defeat.

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