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2010 IFL Season in Review

We’ve come to the end of the first year of the Illinois Football League.  14 teams took the journey to be the one known as the first ever champion of the IFL.  Congratulations again to The Other Side for earning that honor.

To begin the season in review, we’ll start with a short interview with the owner of The Other Side on his reflections of this season.

  • How does it feel to be the first champion of the Illinois Football League?
    • It’s a great feeling, especially because this is my first fantasy championship. The Illinois Football League was competitive all season, and the level of competition makes this championship all the more special.
  • What do you think was the key to you becoming champion?
    • Any championship is won through a mix of luck and skill, and this one isn’t any different. There were some wins that shouldn’t have happened, and some losses that simply came out of left field. A dropped pass here, a broken tackle there, and I could have come in dead last.
  • Was there a moment this season that you realized that you have a very good shot to win it all?
    • I had a solid winning streak during the season where it looked like the team I put together had staying power. I knew once I got to the playoffs that the momentum was on my side. Every week is close in a league like this, but I was lucky to be able to field a team every week that was competitive in every circumstance.
  • Are there any games or moves that you regret from your championship season?
    • Playing Jay Cutler against the Patriots in the final week of the season was a bad move on my part. Beyond that, I got lucky with a lot of my moves.
  • Do you have any favorite moments or memories from this season?
    • Watching the championship game unfold was a lot of fun; but in total, the high level of competition throughout the league made every week as interesting as that final game.
  • Will you be back next season to defend your title (provided the NFL isn’t in a lock out)?
    • Absolutely. Hopefully my good luck will follow.

Congrats again to The Other Side, and we hope everyone will return for year #2….along with the NFL.

And now here’s a look at some stats from the 2010 season.  First up, here is the draft order for 2011:

  1. The Grove Johnsons
  2. DaBearColts
  3. 2001 Redskins
  4. B1R
  5. Niemi No No
  6. Muse Academy Muses
  7. Tim TebOwned
  8. Most Daring
  9. ItsonlikeNdamukong
  10. Sparland Hilltoppers
  11. The Brady Bunch
  12. Bad News Bears
  13. Da Win
  14. The Other Side

So are you curious as to how players stacked up in the league, here’s a list of the top 25 scoring players for 2010 with the teams they were on:

(Note: These totals are for all 17 weeks, as listed on Yahoo!)

  1. 371.00 points – QB Tom Brady, The Brady Bunch
  2. 360.48 points – QB Aaron Rodgers, ItsonlikeNdamukong
  3. 352.32 points – QB Michael Vick, Bad News Bears
  4. 351.80 points – QB Peyton Manning, The Grove Johnsons
  5. 341.60 points – QB Phillip Rivers, Tim TebOwned
  6. 335.20 points – QB Drew Brees, DaBearColts
  7. 325.80 points – RB Arian Foster, The Other Side
  8. 308.44 points – QB Josh Freeman, Sparland Hilltoppers
  9. 308.40 points – QB Matt Ryan, Da Win
  10. 293.60 points – QB Matt Schaub, Bad News Bears
  11. 293.08 points – QB Eli Manning, B1R
  12. 283.14 points – QB Matt Cassel, The Other Side
  13. 281.28 points – QB Joe Flacco, Muse Academy Muses
  14. 275.80 points – QB Carson Palmer, ItsonlikeNdamukong
  15. 267.26 points – QB David Garrard, Free Agent
  16. 259.00 points – DEF Pittsburgh, The Other Side
  17. 256.16 points – QB Jay Cutler, The Other Side
  18. 250.00 points – DEF Green Bay, The Brady Bunch
  19. 249.88 points – QB Kyle Orton, 2001 Redskins
  20. 244.90 points – QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sparland Hilltoppers
  21. 243.60 points – QB Ben Roethlisberger, DaBearColts
  22. 239.90 points – RB Adrian Peterson, Most Daring
  23. 237.50 points – RB Jamaal Charles, Niemi No No
  24. 236.14 points – QB Mark Sanchez, Niemi No No
  25. 233.92 points – RB Peyton Hillis, Niemi No No

The list is dominated by QBs and RBs with a couple of high-scoring defenses thrown in.  So what about the other positions that did not appear on the list?  Here’s the top five for WRs, TEs, Ks, and DEF:

Wide Receivers

  1. 209.00 points – Brandon Lloyd, ItsonlikeNdamukong
  2. 206.60 points – Dwayne Bowe, Sparland Hilltoppers
  3. 201.20 points- Roddy White, B1R
  4. 198.40 points – Greg Jennings, The Other Side
  5. 189.60 points – Mike Wallace, B1R

Tight Ends

  1. 154.20 points – Jason Witten, Bad News Bears
  2. 138.20 points – Antonio Gates, Muse Academy Muses
  3. 135.40 points – Vernon Davis, B1R
  4. 126.00 points – Marcedes Lewis, Most Daring
  5. 112.60 points – Rob Gronkowski, DaBearColts


  1. 171.00 points – Sebastian Janikowski, The Other Side
  2. 164.00 points – David Akers, Bad News Bears
  3. 150.00 points – Josh Brown, Free Agent
  4. 148.00 points – Nick Folk, ItsonlikeNdamukong
  5. 147.00 points – Adam Vinatieri, The Brady Bunch


  1. 259.00 points – Pittsburgh, The Other Side
  2. 250.00 points – Green Bay, The Brady Bunch
  3. 227.00 points – Chicago, Free Agent
  4. 220.00 points – New England, Muse Academy Muses
  5. 206.00 points – New York Jets, Muse Academy Muses

If you noticed the front page of the league, you noticed a banner for something called the Greatest Fantasy Victory, sponsored by Toyota.  The GFV shows which team had the largest point spread of the week.  Here is a breakdown of those stats:

  • Greatest Fantasy Victories claimed:
    • 3 – ItsonlikeNdamukong
    • 2 – Bad News Bears, The Other Side, Sparland Hilltoppers, Da Win
    • 1 – TimTebOwned, DaBearColts, Muse Academy Muses, Most Daring, 2001 Redskins, Niemi No No
  • Greatest Fantasy Victory losses:
    • 5 – TimTebOwned
    • 3 – Niemi No No, DaBearColts, The Grove Johnsons
    • 1 – The Other Side, Sparland Hilltoppers, Da Win
  • Largest Victory of 2010
    • 101.34 – Da Win over Niemi No No, Week 14 (165.68 – 64.34)

Here are the 5 highest scoring performances of 2010:

  1. 165.68 points – Da Win, Week 14
  2. 145.40 points – Bad News Bears, Week 14
  3. 140.58 points – The Other Side, Week 8
  4. 139.82 points – The Other Side, Week 11
  5. 139.14 points – B1R, Week 7

And to wrap up the season summary, a look at the 5 lowest scoring performances of 2010:

  1. 13.20 points – B1R, Week 8
  2. 38.76 points – DaBearColts, Week 5
  3. 40.86 points – Sparland Hilltoppers, Week 1
  4. 41.26 points – Bad News Bears, Week 4
  5. 42.90 points – (tie) B1R, Week 4; Tim TebOwned, Week 12

I want to thank everyone again for a great first season in the IFL, and look forward to 2011.

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