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It begins…..

I see the ground outside my window at work blanketed with snow.  The temperature, although warmer than usual, is cold enough to put some freeze in me.  Much of the country is the same way.  And yet…..

…..some people want to get fantasy baseball started.

Take CBS Sports for example.  Not only can you start to register teams for it, but they have draft kits available for you to start plotting your roster for 2011.

Over at ESPN, they have already gone ahead with a mock draft for this season, along with early rankings for this season.  Last week, they even held a ‘summit’ to discuss how those rankings came about.  But you can’t sign up yet to register a team.

FOX Sports has nothing yet, apart from some analysis.  But they least tell you when the show gets ready for them.  Personally, never been a fan of them.

MLB doesn’t have anything yet really, on par with the same stuff as FOX Sports.  They run their system a little different, if you play for free.  On MLB’s official fantasy game, you get points throughout the week, and the most points wins the match-up.  I like it, and grew fonder of it when I basically forgot about my 5 teams on there in June (thanks to the tornado), and rediscovered that I won a championship after the season ended.  Slacking off pays off!

And checking out the host for the Illinois Fantasy Leagues, Yahoo!, their fantasy blog as started a mock draft, along with various analysis of teams’ needs.  But you can’t sign up yet.

So, to review, some sites are getting ready for 2011, and only CBS is letting you sign up so far.

MLB season starts Thursday, March 31st.  That means the draft for the 2011 Illinois Baseball League is Sunday, March 27th at 7:00 P.M. CDT.

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