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The 2011 IFB Season Primer

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The most glorious time of the year is upon us…pitchers and catchers report.  With those 4 magical words, baseball season is officially on the horizon.  And since baseball is on the horizon, so is fantasy baseball.

Season 1 of the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League was a huge success with 16 teams competing for a title.  Season 2 is starting to show promising signs of just as much fun, with 9 of the 16 teams returning for this year.  If you haven’t signed up yet, click here or go to the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball home page.  To sign up, click on the ‘Join Custom’ button, enter the league ID # (36932) and enter the league password (lincolnreagan). It’s that easy.

So if you want to sign up for this season, here are some of the details that you need to know.  Items that are bold are new for 2011:


  • 16 team league, weekly head-to-head match-ups
  • 4 divisions (Reagan, Lincoln, Obama, Grant)
  • 22 week season, 3 week playoff
  • 8 teams make playoffs, division winners awarded seeds 1-4 and wild cards seeds 5-8
  • No ‘Can’t Cut’ list
  • Teams can trade anyone for anyone, league members have two days to review trades after they have been completed, teams can vote to veto a trade, draft picks for the next season can be traded for players, trade deadline is July 31st
  • Players are placed on waivers for 2 days and become free agents if not claimed after that, teams have $100 budget for claiming players on waivers, free agents are free
  • Teams may keep one positional player and one pitcher at most from the previous season, in exchange for losing a draft pick of equal value (subject to change)


  • Draft is scheduled for March 27th, 7:00 P.M. Central time
  • Draft is 25 rounds to fill out roster
  • Draft order is as follows, with teams who have already signed up in bold.  If team was known as different name last season, that name will follow in brackets:
  1. Bushwackers
  2. Quincy Dirtbags
  3. Bambinos
  4. Anabolic A Rods
  5. Triple Crown
  6. FernandoVinasGoatee {Bo Hart All Stars}
  7. Funky Cold Molina
  8. All Balls No Strikes
  9. Muse Academy Muses
  10. Quiet TheRiot {Ferris Indians}
  11. Most Daring
  12. BooBooCubs
  13. BJ Penn
  14. Bad News Bears {JSloan}
  15. PujolsalwaysCardinal {2010 Not a Holliday}
  16. Sparland Hilltoppers

List current as of 2/14/2011, 6:56 A.M.


  • 22 week season
    • Division opponents will be played twice
    • Another division opponent will be played twice (Reagan vs. Obama/Lincoln vs. Grant)
    • All other teams will be played once
    • Custom schedule in Week 22 to help create thrilling match-ups, determined no later than Week 20 (scheduled to change)


  • Starting Lineup will be as follows:
    • 1 Catcher
    • 1 First Baseman
    • 1 Second Baseman
    • 1 Third Baseman
    • 1 Shortstop
    • 1 Corner Infielder (1B or 3B)
    • 1 Middle Infielder (2B or SS)
    • 4 Outfielders
    • 1 Utility Player
    • 2 Starting Pitchers
    • 2 Relief Pitchers
    • 4 Pitchers
  • 5 Bench slots
  • 3 DL slots


  • Statistics will be recorded in each of the following categories:
    • Batters
      • Runs, Hits, Home Runs, RBIs, Stolen Bases, Average
    • Pitchers
      • Wins, Losses, Saves, Walks, Strikeouts, ERA
  • The team with the best mark in each stat during the match-up each week will gain a win
  • The team with the worse mark in each stat during the match-up each week will gain a loss
  • If the stat is tied, a tie will be earned

Fantasy Baseball Draft Guides

  • Here is a list of links to fantasy baseball draft guides.  This will be updated as needed:

That is a basic run-down of the 2011 season of the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.  More tidbits will be posted throughout the pre-season.  For what Yahoo! says they have new for their features for 2011, here is what they have listed.

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