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Off-Topic: Dear Midland T-Wolves

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

How are things going in Varna?  I understand that you’re playing for something big tonight, your second consecutive regional championship at the Granville Class 1A Regional tonight against Lowpoint-Washburn.  I also understand this has been a great series this year, with a victory on their home court in December, and a tough loss in the championship game at the Tri-County Conference Tournament last month.  So I just have a simple request as to go into this big game tonight…


It hasn’t been the best of basketball and sports seasons for me, a proud 2002 Timberwolf alum.  Non-basketball sports have been tough.  The Blues started off hot, then just couldn’t stay healthy and couldn’t play a full 60 minutes.  And now Adam is done for the season, putting a dent in the Cards chances to make the postseason.

For my basketball teams though, it has been frustrating.  There was a lot of high hope this year for the Illini.  They were as high as #14 in the polls for this year.  Then this happened.  Then it’s been a free fall since then for a team that one guy picked to play for a national title.

And then for the college I acutally went to, it’s been worse.  Just look at Western Illinois’ schedule/results and tell me if that’s good.  If things couldn’t get worse for them, they go off and lose to a team that was on a 33-game losing streak, and was 0-28 this year.  Now they’re 1-28.  WIU won’t even make the conference tournament this year.  I know Macomb’s not a hot bed of hoops this year, but still.

So that’s why I need you tonight Midland.  I know you’ve also had a tough season as well.  But you’ve played a tough schedule that’s prepared you for moments like this.  I’ve been present for moments like this before.  I was there last year when you held off Flanagan-Cornell, and I was there in 2002 for one of the best moment’s in the program’s history.  Their great feelings, and I need one tonight to show that yes, I can back a basketball team that is good.  So go out there and whip the Wildcats, and take this all the way to Carver Arena in a couple weeks.


UPDATE: Fuck….

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