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IFB Update and More

The 2nd season of the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League is oh-so-close to reaching its full list of 16 teams for the season.  15 are now signed up to play, with the addition of SouthSideSluggers yesterday.  There are still some thoughts to go to 20 teams, but I highly doubt I can get 4 more teams in a quick fashion.  Nevertheless, the league should have its full 16 teams by the end of the weekend.

So if you want to be that 16th team, just go to Yahoo!’s Fantasy Baseball page and sign up for a private league with the ID# of 36932 and the password of ‘lincolnreagan’.

Also, if you like the ESPN Fantasy Baseball format, an individual from another league I am in has started up a keeper league there.  The draft takes place Saturday night at 10:00, and if you are interested in playing, e-mail him at derekamarques@gmail.com to request an invite.

And on to another sport, if you want to join a group for Yahoo!’s NCAA Tournament Pick ’em contest, just head to that front page and search for ‘IFL’s Madness‘ or the group’s ID# of 19830.  Right now there is only….*looks*….one…signed-up.  Ouch.  Sign-up please!

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