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Today’s Number of the Day is 16

There’s two reasons as to why 16 is the number of the day.  First off, we have reached the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, and that means another round is complete in IFL Madness.  Thanks to the numerous upsets in the first weekend of the tourney, the standings have practically flip-flopped.  The leader going into the weekend is Still better than Carson!, while the Round 1 leader, Boiling down the bracket, has fallen all the way to last place.  But…there’s more madness to come.

If you’re curious about how our animated friends did (of which only 3 of you care about, apparently, according to pageviews…but I digress), Timmy Turner still has all four picks alive (UNC, SDSU, Kansas, and Wisconsin), Master Shake (UConn and Kansas) and Duncan (Duke and Florida) have two each, and Rainbow Dash only one (OSU).  Bracketology’s a man’s game!!!

The other reason that 16 is the number of the day, is that it is the number of teams in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball league.  And its 16th member was reached yesterday.  So welcome to the league Good Wood Gang!  That means details about the league for 2011 can start to take shape.  After taking a glance at how keepers work on Yahoo!, it does appear that the plan to assign keepers and take away picks from certain rounds can go forward.  So, here’s the rules again…

  • You may keep up to ONE position player and ONE pitcher from last year’s roster.  It is not required that you keep a player, but that is the max limit.
  • If you keep a player, you will lose the pick for the round that they would be projected in, according to Yahoo’s rankings on the 25th.  What it appears will happen is that I will assign that player to be picked by you for that round, making it appear that you have selected that player in that round.  So you don’t technically lose the draft pick, but it’s already made for you.
  • If you want to have keepers for this year, e-mail me by 11:59 P.M. Friday (March 25th).

And that’s it.  Other details like draft order and schedule will come out this week as well.  Here is the updated plan on divisions, which is important for the schedule…

  • Teams that are returning for 2011 will be assigned to the same division they were in last year.  Newer teams will be assigned to replace those teams.
  • If you are a new team that wants to be in a specific division, or a returning team that wants a new division, e-mail me by Friday at 11:59 P.M.
  • Here is a list of returning teams and the divisions they were in last year. Bold indicates defending division champion:
    • Reagan: Muse Academy Muses, FernandoVinas Goatee
    • Lincoln: Quiet TheRiot, BooBooCubs, Most Daring
    • Obama: Bad News Bears, Triple Crown, All Balls No Strikes
    • Grant: PujolsalwaysCardinal, Funky Cold Molina

One of the new teams has already claimed a spot in the Grant Division.  So for the new managers, that leaves 2 open slots in the Reagan Division, and one each in the Lincoln, Obama, and Grant Divisions.

And finally, the draft is 6 days away, this Sunday at 7:00 P.M.

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