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2011 IFB Draft Primer

As of this post, the draft for the 2011 IFB season is 5 days away.  Prep for the draft is well underway, but if one is seeking a leg up, this post is aimed to help you with that.

First off, here’s a refresher on how keeper players will work.

  • You may keep ONE position player and ONE pitcher.  That is the maximum.  You are not required to keep anybody.  You may keep one of each, one of either position, or none.
  • The deadline to submit keeper players is Friday at 11:59 P.M.
  • If you keep a player, they will be your pick for the corresponding round that they are projected to be ranked.  Ranking to be used is the recent version of a cheat sheet on Yahoo! Sports.  Example:
    • Team A selects to keep San Francisco Giants P Tim Lincecum.  As of the latest Yahoo! Sports rankings, Lincecum is ranked 34th.  Since there are 16 teams, if the draft when exactly in the order of the rankings, Lincecum would be selected in the 3rd round.  Therefore, Team A would have Lincecum kept, and pre-selected in the third round.
  • Rosters for last season can be found here.

So now that the information on how to keep a player has been laid out, here’s a look at the draft order for 2011:

  1. Quincy Dirtbags
  2. Triple Crown
  3. FernandoVinas Goatee
  4. Funky Cold Molina
  5. All Balls No Strikes
  6. Muse Academy Muses
  7. Quiet TheRiot
  8. Most Daring
  9. Boo Boo Cubs
  10. Bad News Bears
  11. PujolsalwaysCardinal
  12. The Chosen People
  13. NIU Huskies
  14. South Side Cubs Fan
  15. SouthSideSluggers
  16. Good Wood Gang

There was an interesting discussion I had yesterday with a fellow league member, in regards to keepers and the draft.  The discussion was with a team who has a high draft pick, and one topic that arose was whether or not to keep a player that could possibly take up your first round pick, and possibly miss a player in that round who could help you more.  It’s an interesting debate.  Do you give up a first round pick if you’re high up in the draft, or take a chance that a player you want would be available?

To that, another topic came up…who WILL be available to be drafted?  There are players who will be ranked highly, and will not be kept for sure, because they were on teams last year with managers who are not returning.  So for the final part of the segment, here’s a look at players who will be available on the draft board, and what team they were on last season, along with where they were ranked as of Tuesday morning…

  • Bushwackers
    • Finish: 16th
    • Notable position players
      • Adrian Beltre (OF, ranked 42nd)
      • Adam Laroche (1B, ranked 208th)
      • Martin Prado (2B, ranked 112th)
    • Notable pitchers
      • Tommy Hanson (ranked 75th)
      • Tim Lincecum (ranked 34th)
  • Bambinos
    • Finish: 14th
    • Notable position players
      • Derek Jeter (SS, ranked 56th)
      • Johnny Damon (OF, ranked 194th)
      • Derrek Lee (1B, ranked 168th)
    • Notable pitchers
      • Heath Bell (ranked 63rd)
      • Ryan Dempster (ranked 147th)
      • Neftali Feliz (ranked 62nd)
      • Cole Hamels (ranked 32nd)
      • Mariano Rivera (ranked 104th)
      • Wandy Rodriguez (ranked 142nd)
  • Anabolic A Rods
    • Finish: 13th
    • Notable position players
      • Matt Kemp (OF, ranked 18th)
      • Ian Kinsler (2B, ranked 82nd)
      • Andrew McCutchen (OF, ranked 50th)
      • Denard Span (OF, ranked 159th)
      • Gaby Sanchez (1B, ranked 83rd)
      • Rickie Weeks (2B, ranked 87th)
      • Jayson Werth (OF, ranked 28th)
      • Kevin Youkilis (1b, ranked 37th)
    • Notable pitchers
      • Yovani Gallardo (ranked 115th)
      • Matt Garza (ranked 113th)
      • Edwin Jackson (ranked 236th)
      • Rafael Soriano (ranked 223rd)
  • BJ Penn
    • Finished: 4th (3rd Place Game Loser)
    • Notable position players
      • Nelson Cruz (OF, ranked 46th)
      • Howie Kendrick (2B, ranked 185th)
      • Victor Martinez (C, ranked 156th)
      • Hunter Pence (OF, ranked 24th)
      • Carlos Quentin (OF, ranked 165th)
      • Ryan Zimmerman (3B, ranked 15th)
    • Notable pitchers
      • David Aardsma (ranked 248th)
      • Roy Halladay (ranked 9th)
      • Joel Harrahan (ranked 157th)
      • Francisco Liriano (ranked 74th)
  • Sparland Hilltoppers
    • Finished: 1st (League Champion)
    • Notable position players
      • Bobby Abreu (OF, ranked 158th)
      • Pedro Alvarez (3B, ranked 130th)
      • Mike Aviles (2B, ranked 151st)
      • Starlin Castro (SS, ranked 164th)
      • Adrian Gonzalez (1B, ranked 33rd)
      • Josh Hamilton (OF, ranked 7th)
      • David Ortiz (Util, ranked 188th)
      • Buster Posey (C, ranked 98th)
      • Alex Rodriguez (3B, ranked 26th)
      • Ichiro Suzuki (OF, ranked 52nd)
      • B.J. Upton (OF, ranked 170th)
    • Notable pitchers
      • Andrew Bailey (ranked 155th)
      • Madison Bumgarner (ranked 195th)
      • Trevor Cahill (ranked 90th)
      • Carlos Marmol (ranked 64th)
      • Roy Oswalt (ranked 84th)

The draft’s 5 days away.  Can you feel it.

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