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Keeper Player Update and New Blog Features

First, an update on keeper players that I stupidly left out yesterday.  I say stupidly because it’s been the biggest question I’ve received so far in regards to keeper players….

Where do I find my roster from last year?

It’s a good thing I’m posting this on Wednesday, since the deadline to get keeper players to me via e-mail (toonboy92484@yahoo.com) or Facebook or any other way you know how to get to me.  I have prepared a visual guide (in MS Paint) to help you access last year’s rosters…

This is the league’s front page.  Click on the link, then do this…

You click on the ‘Season’ box, and it will present you with a drop-down menu.  Click on 2010, because that is the previous season.  When you do that, this appears…

You will get something that appears like this.  If you want direct access, the link is here.  Now you’re almost to your final destination, so do this….

Clicking on the ‘Final Rosters’ link will get you to this….

Your final roster from last season!  There’s your options for keeper players!  Remember, only one position player and one pitcher max.  Happy?


Now to the next part, new features for the blog for 2011….for the 1-2 people who read this blog (desperate, yes).

  • ‘Get to Know a Manager’

I know everyone in the league through one way or another, through all the experiences I’ve gone through in my life.  But you don’t know everyone who manages the teams that pulverize you each week, or knock you out of the playoffs.  So throughout the course of the season, hopefully each Wednesday, a manager will be profiled with various questions.  If we know each other, then we might trade more (no evidence to back that up).

  • Cartoon Themed Awards

Here at the Illinois Fantasy Leagues, we like to play up pride in our state.  Our divisions are named after Presidents with links to the state for one.  It’s a nice way to honor them.  To name our weekly awards after famous Illinoisans though gets more tricky.  If I named the award for the worst performer of the week after, say Sen. Dick Durbin, I’ll get accused of bias at the apparent slam against one of two Senators.  Same goes if I name an award after any other politician in the state.  Celebrities from Illinois?  I’d rather not dive into researching who did what and why they’re so special and yada yada yada.  So what’s something that everyone has enjoyed at one point in their life?


Therefore, playing up to a favorite of mine, all awards will be named after cartoon characters this year.  That may not be a surprise if you see the image of Rairty from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (shut up, it’s a good show), and last week’s post about cartoon characters’ Final Four picks.  Award titles will come out sometime next week.  Embrace it.

  • Daily Fantasy Roundups

This is something that I’m hoping to get going to help out your roster moves for the day.  A link round up of the latest fantasy news from ESPN, Yahoo!, and more.  Links will hopefully be up each morning and, quite honestly, current job situation dictates when I can get them up.  But the goal is to get the links up before each game.

So that’s the latest.  Draft is 5 days away.  ARE YOU EXCITED?!?!?

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