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Division Setup and WEEK 1 PREVIEW!

Doesn’t it feel good to see that phrase again?  Baseball is just around the corner.

Not only that, it’s earlier this year.  Instead of having Opening Day on a Monday, MLB changed it up this year to have it on a Thursday.  This Thursday to be exact.  What that means for the league is that Week 1 will have a few days tacked on it to, going from March 31st to April 10th.  Adjust accordingly.

With that, here’s a look at the first match-ups of 2011, with division battles in Italics:

  • FernandoVinasGoatee vs. Boo Boo Cubs
  • South Side Cubs Fan vs. Triple Crown
  • Good Wood Gang vs. Most Daring
  • Muse Academy Muses vs. NIU Huskies
  • Quiet TheRiot vs. Bad News Bears
  • Quincy Dirtbags vs. All Balls No Strikes
  • Funky Cold Molina vs. The Chosen People
  • PujolsalwaysCardinal vs. SouthSideSluggers

A few notables about the first match-ups of the season.  The highest finisher from last season and we will call the de-facto defending champion, PujolsalwaysCardinal, starts off with a Grant Division match-up against league newcomer SouthSideSluggers.  The other division match-up this week is also in the Grant, with Funky Cold Molina taking on The Chosen People.

Three other newcomers will get their first taste of IFB play against returning members in Week 1; SouthSideCubsFan will face off against Triple Crown, Good Wood Gang battles Most Daring, and NIU Huskies will take on the Muse Academy Muses.

Other match-ups feature a battle of two playoff teams from last year in Quiet TheRiot and Bad News Bears, Quincy Dirtbags faces off against All Balls No Strikes in a battle of one team who finished second-to-last and the team who lost out on a playoff spot last year due to a tiebreaker, and FernandoVinasGoatee against Boo Boo Cubs in a match-up of returning teams.

And finally, here’s how the divisions will look for 2011:

  • Reagan
    • Fernando Vina’s Goatee
    • South Side Cubs Fan
    • Good Wood Gang
    • Muse Academy Muses
  • Lincoln
    • Boo Boo Cubs
    • Quiet TheRiot
    • Most Daring
    • Quincy Dirtbags
  • Obama
    • Triple Crown
    • Bad News Bears
    • NIU Huskies
    • All Balls No Strikes
  • Grant
    • Funky Cold Molina
    • The Chosen People
    • PujolsalwaysCardinal
    • South Side Slugggers

Opening day and league play starts Thursday.  Full schedule and award details will come out tomorrow.

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