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IFL Madness FINAL Standings

I know what you’re thinking….’There’s still 3 games left to be played!  How can the IFL Madness standings be final?!?’

Well…there’s a reason it’s called March Madness.  The madness completely destroyed everyone’s brackets, to the point where no one else can gain any more points from any of the games.  In fact, the only brackets to get a correct Final Four pick was Robotulism (Butler), Blake’s Bracket (Connecticut), and Boiling down the bracket (Kentucky).  That’s only THREE out of a possible 32 Final Four picks that were correct.

Our animated friends did not fare any better.  Between the four, with a potential of sixteen Final Four picks, only ONE panned out.  1 out of 16.  That one came from Master Shake, who picked Connecticut.  Timmy, Rainbow Dash, and Duncan were shut out.

The lesson from this year…brackets can be a bitch.  Here’s the final standings.  Congratulations to Robotulism!  You have won bragging rights!

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