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The 2011 IFB Schedule

Now that the league has drafted, and divisions have been set up, there’s one thing left to go over.  That being the 2011 schedule for the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.

There’s two ways you can view the schedule.  One way is to view it by team, and the other is by week.  If you’re looking at it on the team view, if you see a match-up in bold, that means it’s a divisional match-up for that week.

Here’s how the schedule broke down:

  • Teams in the same division will play each other twice (6 match-ups)
  • Teams will play one opponent from each of the other three divisions twice, depending on how the division drawn played out (6 match-ups)
  • Teams will play everyone else once (9 match-ups)
  • Week 22’s match-ups will be determined in the future, no later than Thursday of Week 21
  • Pairings for Week 22 will be made in terms of division and playoff races, to create the most exciting and competitive match-ups for the week

As for now, if you look at the week-by-week schedule for the league in Week 22, you will see that there are match-ups.  That’s because something had to be filled in for Yahoo! in order to complete the schedule.  If you look at the team schedules, then you’ll see the correct match-ups…TBA.

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