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Champions Interview: Robotulism

Now that the NCAA Tournament has concluded, with UConn taking the title over the brickhouse known as Butler, the champion of the inaugural IFL Madness can now be officially declared and have their ‘One Shining Moment‘.  This year’s winner of the 8 entry pool is Robotulism.  Robotulism was actually declared the winner after the Elite Eight round, after they took the lead, and it was discovered that no one else could gain any points.  Such is the madness of March.  Interview after the cut….

  • Congratulations on winning IFL Madness.  How does it feel to be a champion?

Well, TJ, it really feels just wonderful. I couldn’t be happier. I’m elated. Ebullient even.

  • Is this the first time you have won an NCAA Tournament pool of any kind, and if not, what have you won before?
In fact, this is my first NCAA Tournament pool victory and it feels fantastic. I’m on top of the world.  As for previous wins, I won several coloring competitions in grade school, a D.A.R.E. poem contest, and an essay contest on sportsmanship in junior high.
  • What led to your interest in signing up for IFL Madness?

As it happens, I really owe it all to my buddy TJ for encouraging me to enter. Without his gentle prodding, I would never have entered and won.

  • Everyone’s brackets were destroyed this year, but you came out on top.  Did you have a strategy for your picks?

Pick the teams you like. My sister attended Butler for a time, which is why I chose them to go as far as they have.

  • Are you an avid follower of college basketball?

Not at all. Just during March madness.

  • Do you participate in other fantasy sports?

Only the ones in my head. I still hold out hope for winning Wimbledon some day.

  • What do you do for a living?

I am a graduate student and a part-time employee at an urban planning/urban design/landscape architecture firm.

  • Will you be back to defend your title next year?

I wouldn’t miss it.

  • Any advice for those wanting to be the king of their pools in the future?

Spend as little time as possible picking your bracket. More than 5 minutes is absurd.

Your 2011 IFL Madness Champion, Robotulism.

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