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Does Your Favorite Team Embarrass You?

Everyone has a favorite team.  Everyone has a team that they back and support.  You really couldn’t be a sports fan unless you had a team and/or player that you feel more passionate about.  It’s human nature.

You may be willing to do crazy things to show that you support your team.  There are famous examples of fans willing to do whatever it takes to support the team, and even make the opposing team do a double take.  ‘Wild Bill‘ cheers on the Aggies of Utah State has dressed as Cupid and the Tooth Fairy to distract the opposing team from making free throws.  The Washington Redskins have the ‘Hogettes‘, men sporting old lady dresses and wigs, with accessories, to support the capital’s NFL team.

But some things, are just plain embarrassing, and leave you wondering…..’why?’

I was pursuing St. Louis’ soft rock station, Y98, the other day.  You know those types of stations.  It’s every single (clean) song that’s popular at the current moment, with the ‘best’ of the 80’s, 90’s, and now.  They’re horrible.  But the reason I was on it was to find out if I could stream a tonight’s Blues game live on their website.

That’s when I came across this horrifying , ear-raping diddy on their website.

If you didn’t click on it (good for you), what the link takes you to is a 28 second diddy of a St. Louis Cardinals pep song, in the style of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.  It is as horrible as it sounds, and then some.

Lyrics?  Why the f*** not at this point?

It’s gameday…gameday

Gotta love Cardinal gameday

Everybody’s heading down to Busch Stadium…Stadium

It’s gameday…gameday

Gotta love Cardinal gameday

Everybody’s heading down to Busch Stadium…Stadium

Wearin’ red, wearin’ red…YEAH!!!

Wearin’ red, wearin’ red…YEAH!!!

Birds birds birds birds

Everybody’s cheering on the Cardinals to win the game

Yeah, I feel the same way

Horrible?  Awful?  Why yes, it is.

I don’t blame the Cardinals for this.  They’re an unwilling participatant in this ordeal.  I lay the blame on ‘Phillips & Company‘, the creators of this violence-inducing violation of humanity.  And it’s not the first time they’ve been offenders of our ears.  Last year they created this ‘gem‘ based off the 20-inning afternoon/night tilt at Busch Stadium between the Cardinals and the Mets.  Or at least that’s what they claim.  Short summary…it sucks.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that while you may be a diehard-supporter of your favorite team, there’s always going to be someone or something or some mind-numbing, idiotic morning show to make you wonder if everyone on your side is sane.

Comment fun time!  If you have similar examples, let us know.

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