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Meet A Manager: Quiet TheRiot

Today begins a (hopefully) weekly series in which league members get to know each other on a more personal level.  This series is called ‘Meet A Manager’.  Each week, we’ll ask a series of questions to one of the individuals running a team in the IFL, and you’ll know more about the personality, likes and dislikes, and quirks about that person behind the monitor.

Today’s feature goes to Quiet TheRiot, who is a returning player in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League.  Last year, he competed as Ferris Indians, and competed in the Illinois Football League as 2001 Redskins.  Now we dive into the man behind the ‘quiet riot’…

  • Who is the man behind Quiet TheRiot (i.e. you)?

Daniel Snodgrass

  • What do you do for a living?

Credit rep at Hobbico in Champaign, IL.

  • If we’ve met, how did we meet?

We met while studying Broadcasting at Western Illinois University.

  • What inspired your team name?

It was inspired by Ryan Theriot joining the Cardinals, and then telling everyone “He’s now on the right side of the rivalry”.

  • How long have you played fantasy sports?

This is my 2nd year involved.

  • What’s your best accomplishment in fantasy sports?

I really had a great team that led the division almost all of last year (until we choked down the stretch). In my first year of play, I was just happy that I had put together a team that could compete.  Also, after going 0-5 in football I was able to win 5 straight to get back to .500. I was happy about that as well.

  • What’s your favorite teams and players?

Chicago Cubs. My favorite player has always been Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones.  I also love Greg Maddux and Kerry Wood.

  • What’s your most memorable sports moment that you personally have done?

Playing baseball at old Busch Stadium in high school is definitely up there. Also, being one of the co-founders of the Ghetto Kickball League in Carthage, IL.

  • What’s your favorite sports moment overall?

Probably my favorite and least favorite moment was the 2003 NLCS. Making a run like that in the playoffs for the Cubs was incredible, but to lose how they lost was heartbreaking. (Laugh it up sox/cards fans)

  • Favorite TV shows?

24, The Office, Sopranos, Trailer Park Boys, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, East Bound and Down

  • If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

Jack Bauer

  • If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to play the lead role?

That kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid as young me, and Danny McBride as the older me.

  • Leno, Letterman, or Conan?

Team Coco

  • Any parting words for the rest of the league?

This league is awesome, and I want to again thank TJ for all the work he puts into it. It seems like we’re getting a good core group of guys that actually care about the league. Good luck this season, boys!

Ed. note: Just to tack on to Daniel’s last answer there, every person in the league is valuable and a welcome addition if they are new.  But his support in the beginning here, along with helping recruit people to join the leagues has been invaluable.  No one is more important than anyone else in the leagues, including me as the commissioner.  Everyone is on equal footing.  All I ask is that managers don’t give up on their teams and see the season through.  If someone can’t come back the following season, nothing wrong with that and it’s understandable.  But to have a truly great league, you need involved individuals who are willing to point out the positives and negatives.  Daniel does a great job with that, and I thank him for everything he’s done in the past couple years to help grow the leagues in its infancy.  This is why I wanted Daniel to be the first in this series to recognize that help and support.

I am happy to call everyone who has participated in the leagues a friend, and the hope is that this series brings us closer.  Another profile in the series is coming next week.

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