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MAHL Season Recap

Sunday saw the conclusion of the inaugural (and probably last) season of the Mid-American Hockey League.  Five teams took to the ice in fantasy form back in January, and competed in a Rotisserie format to see who would take the top spot.

This year’s champion is WhiteHawks, followed by Inglorious Backes in second.  3rd went to Quincy IceHawks, 4th to Toews of Our Lives, and last place to Brett Hull & Oates.  On a side note, the team names for this league were superb this year.

For a breakdown of the points, let’s go to the screencap:

And now a breakdown of the stats on how they go those points:

Congratulations again to WhiteHawks on taking the title!

Will there be a season two of the MAHL?  I know I stated in the State of the Leagues that it wasn’t happening.  But with the uncertainty in the NFL over the labor issues (as well as the NBA apparently), there is a possibility that a season two will occur to fill in any potential gaps in a missing IFL season.  All I can say is stay tuned.

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