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Meet A Manager: NIU Huskies

It’s Wednesday, and that means another chapter in the ‘Meet A Manager’ series.  Today’s profile looks at one of the new members of the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League, NIU Huskies.

  • Who is the man behind NIU Huskies (i.e. you)?

Tony Osbourne

  • What do you do for a living?

I’m currently a Media Studies Major at NIU (also I try not to get shot up here)

  • If we’ve met, how did we meet?

Well if this is to TJ, a long long long time ago, we’re cousins.  (ed note: this is NOT the cousin who bailed on the IFB last year)

  • What inspired your team name?

No creative reason, just the best I could think of

  • How long have you played fantasy sports?

Approximately the first 2 weeks of the last 5 summers

  • What’s your best accomplishment in fantasy sports?

Checking it regularly this year so far, even though getting beat by TJ………  (ed note: All I do is win win win, no matter what…)

  • What’s your favorite teams and players?

Chicago Cubs of course, I’ve become quite a big fan of Starlin Castro

  • What’s your most memorable sports moment that you personally have done?

Either playing college ball, or another good fall back would be beating Ottawa Marquette 3-0, resulting in the first time Midland ever beat them.  (ed. note: F*** Ottawa Marquette, those pseudo-Catholic bastards)

  • What’s your favorite sports moment overall?

I’ll just say it’s going to be when the Bulls win the NBA Finals

  • Favorite ethnic food type?

No thanks

  • Pick one and only one, and why; Cubs World Series title, or married to Marisa Miller for life?

Is this a real question!?…Cubbies for sure

  • What does the word ‘Fluffers’ mean to you? (ed. note: this question HAD to be asked)

A. A dumpy little strip club in Sparland.  B. A fluffer is the person on a porn set that keeps the male “erect” lol

  • You are stranded on a desert island.  Pick one TV show, food item, and weapon to have there.

TV Show- Boy Meets World.  Food- Mona’s Tortellini.  Weapon- My .17 cal rifle.

  • Small town, or big city?

In between

  • Any parting words you want to give to the rest of the league?

“He who goes to bed with an itchy butt, wakes up with stinky fingers….”- Anonymous

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