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Illinois Basketball League Season Wrap-Up

This should have been posted last week.  But there was too much craziness around me.  Nevertheless, it’s time for the season-in-review for the inaugural (and probably last) season of the Illinois Basketball League.

Eight teams completed to see who had the best line-up of NBA stars in a head-to-head format.  Here’s a look at the final standings from the season, in screencap form because I’m lazy and need to get the post up:

Six Inch Vertical was the class of the league throughout the 2010-11 season, and it showed to be true in the playoffs:

The consolation round also saw some exciting action as well:

And so the final standings for 2010-11 in the IBL are as follows:

  1. Six Inch Vertical
  2. BullsMagic
  3. Mookie Blaylock
  4. Pistol Pete’s
  5. Bullseye
  6. Rose Boozer Noah
  7. Muse Academy Muses
  8. Pippen’s Pimpin’

So basically the same as the regular season standings.

Still undecided on the status of the IBL for next year, but (like the MAHL) that could change, depending on what the NFL decides to do.  Stay tuned for more.

Congrats again to Six Inch Vertical on a dominating championship season!

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