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Thursday Tidbits

None of these really warrant posts on their own, so here’s some random musings (*points to team name* Get it?  Ha ha!) about the leagues:

  • After discussions with others, there is consideration to changing up some stats for the 2012 IFB season.  The consideration is to switch the BB category to WHIP.  Comment below to leave your thoughts.  This is for the 2012 season.  All stats for this year are locked in.
  • I am trying to get the social networking aspect of the leagues on a more proficient level.  You can follow the leagues on Twitter (@ilfantasyleague), and there’s a Facebook page that you can ‘like’.  I would post a link to try and like right from the blog, but Facebook was not being nice to me.  So, just search ‘Illinois Fantasy Leagues’ on Facebook and like us there.
  • Still looking for people to sign up for the ‘Meet A Manager’ series.  It’s been pretty successful so far.
  • The page is trying to grow its links with ‘Friends of the Leagues’.  Basically, it’s just people I know on a personal level, and sites that have been good to the blog.  If you have a blog or website you want me to add to the ‘friends’ list, e-mail me at toonboy92484@yahoo.com
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