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Today, We Are Bronies

Thanks to Equestria Daily, who so kindly made a post on their extremely popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic blog about last week’s IFL Theater.

Why am I pumped for this?  Because of that post and linkage, the blog has hit 100+ pageviews in a day for the first time ever.  And in the first hour it was posted!  Hells to the yeah!

I am not concerned about what comments are left there, or if some leave them here.  I’ll take anything, because it helps develop me as a writer.

So welcome fellow bronies from ED!  Stay for a bit and search around, learning to love our leagues.  Hell, join one next year.  But just understand, love or hate, the visits are appreciated.

UPDATE (1:15 P.M.): 370 total pageviews for last week’s IFL Theater, 324 coming from ED.  419 total overall pageviews at this moment.  Dear God.  For comparison’s sake, today alone has accounted for over a fourth of the pageviews in the entire history of the blog (since moving to WordPress back in October).

UPDATE (2:40 P.M.): As I type this; 503 total pageviews today, 434 of them on the IFL Theater post, and 376 of those from ED.  This is all fascinating to me, because it’s setting marks that I’ve never seen before.  And props to the new visitors for checking out other stuff too.

I’m so impressed by the record-setting output, that I want to change my team name to something related to MLP:FiM.  Suggestions for team names can be e-mailed to me, or sent on Twitter by putting @ilfantasyleague in the tweet.  League members are not eligible for this, because that is crossing territories that probably should not be crossed.  I’ve seen too many episodes of ‘The League‘ to know what could happen.

I’m embracing them, and I do not care.

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