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World’s #1 prick bastard son-of-a-bitch Usama Bin Laden is deadHawk Harrelson one-liner appropriate for the title of this post.

Here’s a few thoughts on this:

  • Everyone’s pointing out the anniversaries that are related to this; Hitler dead on this date in 1945, George W. Bush declaring ‘Mission Accomplished’ in 2003.  Tonight, another mission was accomplished, and another evil individual dies.
  • Speaking of Bush 43, he deserves credit for this too.  He started the fight, and was very classy about tonight’s turn of events.
  • The most deserved and most needed credit goes to the United States military, the CIA, and everyone involved in fighting for our country.  Sister is in the National Guard, brother-in-law fought in the Middle East, father-in-law served in NATO and the Royal Air Force in England, and my grandfather served in Korea.  Salutes to all.
  • You’re going to hear about President Obama, one of Illinois’ Presidents, and how he resisted against military force in the Middle East while he served in the U.S. Senate, and stuff like that.  Whether you want to debate that or not, just ponder the fact that a President from Illinois was the one in charge on Usama’s death.  Let that sink in.
  • Another important point:  DON’T think for ONE moment that Islamic terrorism will magically go away, now that the head honcho is gone.  It’s not over yet.
  • Finally, I’m pretty sure the partisan bickering has started amongst friends and national pundits…but let’s just celebrate as one for tonight and save that for later this week.


UPDATE: For those (unfairly) questioning FOX News, and for some reason deciding that they need to bash the media outlet, over how they spelled Bin Laden’s last name, here’s a screencap I took last night, along with an update from Monday morning from ABC News’ Tumblr on how the FBI spelled it…

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