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Meet A Manager: Triple Crown

The Meet A Manager series continues today, with it’s 5th installment.  Today’s version takes a look at the individual behind Triple Crown in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League…

  • Who is the man behind Triple Crown (i.e. you)?

Pat Spry

  • What do you do for a living?

Online Sales

  • If we’ve met, how did we meet?

We met in the broadcasting dept at Western.

  • What inspired your team name?

Triple Crown in baseball, RBI’s, Homeruns, batting average.

  • How long have you played fantasy sports?

6 or 7 years

  • What’s your best accomplishment in fantasy sports?

Winning  the footall championship last year(2010)

  • What’s your favorite teams and players?

I love all chicago sports except for the cubs.

  • What’s your favorite sports moment overall?

2005 World Series

  • Favorite Wheeler Street Block Party moment?

I saw the youtube videos and felt ashamed  I am associated with western (ed. note: As we all are…)

  • What would you have done with Usama Bin Laden’s body?

Cant keep it PG but I salute the troops.

  • What cancelled TV series, or any show from the past, would you revive?

Arrested Development

  • What holiday would you celebrate every day for the rest of your life?

Probably a combination of Christmas and Memorial Day….grilling out and getting presents sounds like the greatest holiday ever.  (ed. note: And alcohol…can’t forget the adult beverages)

  • What foreign country would you eliminate from the world?

Really Tj? (ed. note: Yes really.)

  • Any parting words for the rest of the league?

Good Luck!

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