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Meet A Manager: Quincy Dirtbags

It’s time for another edition of ‘Meet A Manager’.  This week’s edition promises to be dirty and delicious, as we learn about the man behind the Quincy Dirtbags.

  • Who is the man behind Quincy Dirtbags (i.e. you)?

Dustin Tweedell

  • What do you do for a living?

Professional Student, Cook at Quincy Country Club

  • If we’ve met, how did we meet?

Don’t believe we have met

  • What inspired your team name?

They were an old softball team here in Quincy my friend was on, and I liked the name so I took it.

  • How long have you played fantasy sports?

This is my second year

  • What’s your best accomplishment in fantasy sports?

Made a good run with the Brady Bunch in our Football League, finished in the top 5 or 6 I believe

  • What’s your favorite teams and players?

Baseball-Cubs and Tigers, Football-Redskins, Hockey-Blackhawks and Sabers, Basketball-Da Bullssssssss

  • What’s your most memorable sports moment that you personally have done?

I am personally horrible at every sport I attempt to play

  • What’s your favorite sports moment overall?

This is a hard question but I would say so far it would be the Bulls three-peat repeat in the 90’s and the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup last year

  • What’s your favorite season, and why?

Hands down its Baseball, I just love so many things about the game….and besides its America’s Pastime (ed. note: I like how you answered that)

  • Would you rather have a biography written about you, or have a one-off TV special, and why?

Probably a TV special because too many people are too lazy to read books

  • If you could insert yourself into any cartoon and live there for the rest of your life, which one and why?

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I would just hang with Carl and Master Shake all the time it would be glorious (ed. note: F*** and yes.  Win right there.)

  • Excluding President, what political office would you run for and why?

I would run for Mayor, I have always wanted to run my own city!

  • Hit a walk-off grand slam, or a one-night stand with Vanessa Hudgens?

Hit a walk-off grand slam to win the World Series for the Cubs!

  • Any parting words you want to give to the rest of the league?

Yeah, you can always look forward to getting a win when you play the Quincy Dirtbags, because I always find a way to lose.

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