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Off-Topic: An IFL Outing

This has been on my mind for the past couple months now.  A couple things have inspired this too.  For one, I will have a lot of free time during the summer, due to my family heading back to England and Cyprus for a month and a half.  And two, I don’t want to sit around and not do things during that timeframe.

So let’s organize and participate in a group outing of managers from all the leagues involved.  Some of us know some of the others in the leagues.  I’ve know Bad News Bears since I was in grade school.  I know a few of the league members from college.  But there’s others that some of us have not met.  So if we participate in a group outing, we can foster friendships in person, which can help with league dealings a lot more too.  Making trades and proposals would be easier if league members were not faceless screennames, but know as ‘Joe’ or ‘Pat’.

I’m totally game for this.  But the big question remains is what to do?  So here’s a few options that I’m proposing:

Baseball Game

Why not spend a group outing for league members of a fantasy baseball league?  Makes sense, right?  And it’s not like the state is lacking any options on teams and stadiums we can visit.  Here’s a list of all the teams that have some form of professional baseball in Illinois (or just across the border):

  • Major League Baseball
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Chicago White Sox
    • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Midwest League – Class A
    • Beloit Snappers
    • Burlington Bees
    • Kane County Cougars
    • Peoria Chiefs
    • Quad Cities River Bandits
  • Frontier League – Independent
    • Gateway Grizzles
    • Joliet Slammers
    • Normal Cornbelters
    • Southern Illinois Miners
    • Windy City Thunderbolts
  • North American – Independent
    • Lake County Fielders
    • Rockford Riverhawks
    • Schaumberg Flyers

That’s 16 teams and 16 potential stadiums to visit.  What I was thinking of doing is finding out how many are interested in going, and either buying a block of tickets, or a skybox.  There’s one option.

Horse Racing

Last year for the first time in my life, I went to a horse racing track.  I went to Arlington Park with Bad News Bears and his family (since we’re childhood friends).  And apart from losing every single bet I made, it was an enjoyable and kick-ass time.  Who wouldn’t enjoy watching horses race, winning money, drinking and food, and a good time with friends?  I suppose that applies to all locations we come up with here, except for the horses part.  But here’s some potential locations in Illinois where you can watch the ponies race:


This seems like the easiest option to obtain.  And I’m not listing every single golf course in the state, because every town seems to have one.  But we gather our clubs and have a scramble or a 18-hole tourney and see who the best golfer is in the group.  And it’s all for fun.  The drinking could be hot and heavy.

Casino/Poker Night

Would you like to meet new people, and come away with a profit?  That’s a proposal idea.  We could all meet up at one of the many casinos in the state, and hit the slots or the card tables.  Or we could have a meet up at someone’s house (probably mine) and have a good ol’ poker night.

Feedback is encouraged, and vote in the poll below for your choice.  Or you can comment on this post, or e-mail me at toonboy92484@yahoo.com

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