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IFB Week 9 Review and Week 10 Preview

Week 9 in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League saw two dominating performances, and changed the outlooks for several teams in the wild card race, and in a couple divisions.  Here’s a look back at the most recent week of action:

First, a look at the results:

  • South Side Cubs Fan defeated Muse Academy Muses, 8-2
  • All Balls No Strikes defeated Bad News Bears, 8-4
  • SouthSideSluggers defeated Triple Crown, 8-3
  • PujolsalwaysCardinal defeated FernandoVinas Goatee, 11-1
  • Quincy Dirtbags defeated BooBooCubs, 8-2
  • Most Daring defeated Quiet TheRiot, 10-2
  • Funky Cold Molina defeated Good Wood Gang, 6-3
  • The Chosen People defeated NIU Huskies, 9-2

And now a look at the standings after multiple dominating victories:

That will be coupled with an updated wild card standings:

Two results shaped this week’s standings.  First, an 11-1 victory for PujolsalwaysCardinal put them on a rocket ship to the top of the wild card standings, after being on the 8th spot last week, and put them a half game back in a very-tight Grant Division for the lead.  Most Daring’s 10-2 victory over Quiet TheRiot not only put them back in a wild card spot, but coupled with a Quincy Dirtbags 8-2-2 upset over BooBooCubs, put them a game back of the division lead in the Lincoln.

All Balls No Strikes continues to show its dominance in the league, increasing their division lead by 4 games to 19 games, while South Side Cubs Fan put a great distance between them and 2nd place Muse Academy Muses with an 8-2-2 win over them this week, adding 6 games to their lead, now at 12.5 games.

I am also discontinuing the stat of records of teams in each division combined.  If you want it back, just let me know.

And now a look at the weekly awards:

  • Bugs Bunny Best Record – PujolsalwaysCardinal (11-1-0)
  • The Simpsons Runs Leader – PujolsalwaysCardinal (43)
  • Josie and the Pussycats Hits Leader – All Balls No Strikes (77)
  • Homer Simpsons Home Runs Leader – PujolsalwaysCardinal/Good Wood Gang (13)
  • Fat Albert RBI Leader – All Balls No Strikes/PujolsalwaysCardinal (46)
  • Speedy Gonzalez Stolen Base Leader – PujolsalwaysCardinal/Quiet TheRiot (10)
  • Heather Average Leader – Quincy Dirtbags (.322)
  • Rainbow Dash Wins Leader – Most Daring (6)
  • Timmy Turner Loss Leader – SouthSideSluggers/The Chosen People/NIU Huskies/All Balls No Strikes (0)
  • Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Saves Leader – Muse Academy Muses (7)
  • Herbert Walks Leader – Quincy Dirtbags (7)
  • Wile E. Coyote K’s Leader – Most Daring (56)
  • Peppermint Patty ERA Leader – South Side Cubs Fan (2.33)

And the summary concludes with the look ahead to Week 10:

  • FernandoVinas Goatee (35-67-6) vs. Good Wood Gang (46-54-8)
  • South Side Cubs Fan (62-41-5) vs. Most Daring (55-46-7)
  • Muse Academy Muses (49-53-6) vs. Quiet TheRiot (55-47-6)
  • BooBooCubs (55-44-9) vs. SouthSideSluggers (55-44-9)
  • Quincy Dirtbags (39-61-8) vs. Bad News Bears (45-58-5)
  • Triple Crown (41-62-5) vs. NIU Huskies (43-61-8)
  • All Balls No Strikes (63-38-7) vs. Funky Cold Molina (53-47-8)
  • The Chosen People (57-43-8) vs. PujolsalwaysCardinal (56-43-9)

This week’s Matchup of the Week for Week 10 has HUGE implications as the midway point of the season comes closer.  This week’s featured showdown is a Grant Division battle between leader The Chosen People and 2nd place PujolsalwaysCardinal.  Both teams are coming off strong weeks, and only a half-game separates the two.  A big victory by either one gives them control of the division.  And it is entirely possible that both teams could not have the lead at the end of the week, if another team in the very tight division has a dominating week, and TCP and PaC split.

Other big battles this week include overall leader All Balls No Strikes against a Funky Cold Molina team that’s on the outside looking in of the wild card chase.  Reagan Division-leading South Side Cubs Fan takes on a surging Most Daring in a big battle for MD.  Lincoln Division leading BooBooCubs takes on SouthSideSluggers, with both teams entering the match-up on even footing in terms of record.

And once again, a reminder that fantasy football sign-ups are underway for the 2011 IFL season.  There’s still doubt as to whether the season will be played or not.  But you can at least get ready to sign-up for season 2 of the league.  Details on the 2011 season will come out this week (apologies for not having it last week, but last week was a rush).  If you have any problems signing up, or need an invite, e-mail me at toonboy92484@gmail.com (new e-mail for league stuff).

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