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Let Me Level With You

I’ve got personal stuff going on in my non-fantasy sports life that’s overtaking me and distracting me right now.  Not enough to take me away from the team I have, but enough to to take away from the attention that the blog needs to keep up its standards.  And quite honestly too, the lack of pageviews I’m getting is starting to get to me a little.  I’m not expecting 100 pageviews everyday.  But looking at the site stats of where the small amount of views come from, it seems obvious that only a few of you guys are checking it up.

I’m not getting much feedback either, if any, on the site and its content too.  The only people that give feedback are the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans, who read the IFL Theaters that involve them.  They like them or are confused by them, but those are the only ones who give feedback.  And it hasn’t helped the leagues any.  I’m not getting interest from them about joining up for a league to fill in gaps that I’m expecting to occur.

I’ll admit too that I’ve lacked and slagged on updating the blog.  But it gets to a point where I just have to step back and think to myself, ‘Is this still worth it?’.   I still want to run the leagues, those aren’t going away.  But the effort I put into the blog isn’t matching what I receive from it.  It’s the same reason my wife’s webcomic is fading away.

Maybe I’m lamenting too much.  Maybe I’m expecting too much.  Or maybe a hiatus for a week or two is needed until I can get my head clear.  Just tell me something, anything.

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