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We’re Back

We’re coming back this week.  The blog is coming back.  Here’s why I decided to come back now.

The playoff race in the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League is heating up, with five weeks left in the season.  A couple divisional races are pretty much wrapped up, and would need epic collapses to make them worth watching.  But there’s still some races to be decided along with who gets the four wild card spots.

So the weekly summary is going to change a little bit now.  The weekly awards will still be posted, and match-up previews will be too.  But I won’t be posting a screencap of the weekly standings anymore.  Instead, I’ll just list who has the top spot in each division, and by how many games.  Also, we’ll do a wild card standings update, and an overall standing will be compiled to begin composing the playoff clinching scenarios.

But there’s just one problem.  It won’t be posted until Monday nights now, due to restrictions that have prevented me from viewing the league’s page at the time I normally did (a.k.a. filters at work stopped this).  So expect the first update tomorrow while I backlog some other information.

Also, the NFL appears to be coming back for the full season, so that means it is time to sign up for the second season of the IFL!  So far, 6 out of the 16 slots have been taken, and there is at least 3 open slots for new teams to come in this season.  If you want to participate and you’re a newbie, e-mail me at toonboy92484@yahoo.com and we’ll send you an invite.

And, I’m planning another edition of IFL Theater that will, yes, involve ponies.  Think of it as free advertising for the leagues, and maybe someone will fill up the slots and give me the desired 16-team league for 2011.  This edition will involve one of the colorful equines going through a season in the IFL.

Why am I keeping the blog going?  Well, occasionally I’ll get comments like this, which came to my Facebook from Quincy Dirtbags:

I just wanna say thanks for doing the blog posts, I try to read them when I can and enjoy them, lately I have been having laptop and internet problems which both have limited my net time. So anyways thanks again for doing them and go Dirtbags!

All I want to know is that it’s appreciated and read, that it feels like I’m providing a service for you guys to check out and keep you informed.  So I apologize for not getting back to you Dustin, but I can’t thank you enough for the kind words.

And one final note before I wrap up the post.  The IFB trade deadline is the same as MLB’s, this Sunday.  No more trades in the league after Sunday.  So if you want to make that deal that could make or break the stretch run, get ’em done.

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  1. Fck Ryn Thrt
    July 25, 2011 at 7:17 AM

    Dang, only 5 weeks left??? 😦

    • July 25, 2011 at 7:53 AM

      Well, if you don’t make the playoffs that is. Season’s really flown by this year it seems.

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