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IFL Road Trip #1: Busch Stadium

Today on the blog we debut a new feature, the IFL Road Trip.  What this will basically be is a photo gallery of a trip to somewhere I go with a fellow league member.  And since my wife has the better camera in Europe, all these photos will be taken from my iPhone, which still has better quality than some of my older cameras/phones.

Road trip #1 occurred on June 26th, when I was joined by Bad News Bears (a.k.a. Joe Sloan) for a trip down to St. Louis and Busch Stadium to see the hometown Cardinals take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  On that day, the Redbirds were trying to avoid a sweep to the Canadian-based team.  It didn’t end well.  They were shut out on a two-hitter, losing the game 5-0.

It’s kinda ironic I post this a month late and on this day, considering the big trade the two teams pulled off yesterday, where Colby Rasmus was sent north for a bunch of pitchers.

So without further ado, here’s a photo summary of the trip:

You can’t start a road trip without the proper documents needed, which in this case were two tickets to the game.

This is the beast that takes me everywhere, my Chevy Impala.

Since I live in Streator, and Joe lives in Champaign, we had to agree on a midpoint destination to meet up.  It was pretty simple, as we chose to meet up in Normal, at the Schnuck’s.  But when Joe was arriving late….

…I went to other locations to do some ‘shopping’ while I waited.  Joe eventually arrived, and our road trip began.

This is who was in line to get the extra ticket if Joe didn’t show up, Sweetie Belle. (No she wasn’t, but this couldn’t go without ponies.)

Five years ago, other friends and I took a road trip to see Busch Stadium II one final time.  That was the day David Eckstein hit a walk-off grand slam home run to beat the Braves.  This was the same extra rest stop we stopped at to recharge on that day.

This is Joe.  This was also the jersey he chose to wear on the day of the game.  Even though I told him he would be fine, he decided against wearing the jersey into the park.

After 3 hours of driving, Busch Stadium finally came into view.  That’s my lanyard that I have for work that is trying to squeeze in on the right side of the frame.  And after a debate with Joe over where to park, we found a parking garage and began on foot to Busch.

The outside of one of the prettiest parks in the majors.

This was our view from the upper deck seats that we sat in.  They were upper deck seats because the tickets were free, as part of the Cardinals Nation membership club.  $20 for two tickets and MLB Gameday Audio is a pretty nice a deal.  Sometimes I like the upper views.  You get to see more, and in the right seat, outstanding vantage points.

Like this…

I challenge you to find a better looking view from the stadium.  Maybe on the third base side, but it’s the same view.

Yes, I draw ponies too.  The joke is that the drawn pony, Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter, sees another opportunity to throw a party, because someone is named Holliday.  Moving on…

As stated, Joe didn’t wear his White Sox jersey into the park, just his hat, and wasn’t too pleased with having his photo taken.

That’s better.

Around the fourth inning, Joe got up to get himself some food or refreshments, I can’t remember what.  But while he was gone, one of the hot girls that the Cardinals hire to put on the Jumbotron came over to our section and started handing out long, thin balloons.  After we asked her what was up, she informed us that our section had won a prize for having the most texts sent from there.  Our prize was an appearance on the Jumbotron, where yours truly made his first-ever appearance on one, and wave the balloons on the camera, along with a coupon for free tacos from Jack-in-the-Box.  See?

After the game, we stopped along some town on I-55 that had a Jack-in-the-Box to cash in the coupons.  I declined to do so because of the impending dinner, but Joe did.  We quickly learned that two tacos at Jack-in-the-Box costs $1.  The coupon was worth only a buck.  The tacos weren’t bad though.  Back to the game…

I couldn’t go without getting a picture of a player on my fantasy team on the scoreboard, 1B-OF Adam Lind.  I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s kinda cool what the Cardinals do with opposing players on the scoreboard.  They put the player’s profile pic in front of a background of a photo of the city they play in.  Pretty neat.

As mentioned, the Jays won the game, and they celebrated the sweep afterwards.  So to make up for that, here’s some photos to piss off Cubs fans.

10 World Series titles?  U jealous Cubs fans?

Anyhoo, it was time to leave.  Side note, the forecast for the day in St. Louis was suppose to be cloudy with a chance of storms.  It turned out to be the complete opposite.  See?

Driving back home was a bitch too.  A stop had to be made at the Wal-Mart in Collinsville to pick up an iPhone charger, and then there were multiple stops ON I-55 due to gridlocked road construction traffic.  It extended the drive back by at least a half-hour.  But the day ended on a good note.  Why?

Those burritos can make any day better.

So that’s a summary of the first IFL Road Trip, and I want more more more of them.  I will actually get my wish on Monday, when I join Most Daring/Jon Reidy for the Cardinals-Brewers at Miller Park.  You notice a trend developing?  And if you want an IFL Road Trip of your own, shoot me an e-mail at toonboy92484@yahoo.com and we’ll game plan.

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