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IFL Road Trip #2: Chicago/Milwaukee

IFL Road Trip #1: Busch Stadium

With my wife and child in Europe on a vacation to visit family for nearly two months, it gives me opportunities that might not be entirely possible if they were around the area.  One of them is a road trip to visit friends over multiple days, with activities galore.  I recently took part in one of those endeavors, with photo evidence below the jump…

This is the second edition of the IFL Road Trip, where I visited Most Daring, a.k.a Jon Reidy.  Our league friend recently obtained a job in Milwaukee as a photojournalist for FOX 6.  When he first got the job, he called me up with an opportunity to see the Cardinals play at Miller Park.  I had to politely decline, because it was short notice and I couldn’t afford to go up there at the time.  But with the extra income of not having to buy diapers and extra food and what-not, I able too the next time the two teams met up; August 1st.

I wanted to go further though.  I took that week off work, and decided to loop it with visiting friends in Chicago before heading up to the land of cheese.  So I met up with my (non-league) friends Blair and April.

Blair's stlyin'

We met up for lunch and hanging out, and ate at a place called Frank ‘n Dawgs in the city.  It’s a place where they serve gourmet hot dogs.  I ordered a truffle mac ‘n cheese dog and it was a divine treat.  I couldn’t finish it, because they were huge, and I regret not getting a picture of it.

Mrs. Palin joins us for lunch.

After that, we walked off lunch in Lincoln Park on a very nice summer Saturday afternoon.

Nothing needs to be said about this view.

April and I parted from Blair and hung out a little while longer and hung out at Lucky Strike, a bar/bowling alley in an AMC Theater, where we had adult beverages and dinner.  Dinner was cheeseburger fries, extremely pleasing to dine on.  And after that, I dropped her off, and began on my journey to Milwaukee.

I stayed the night at Reidy’s place on Saturday, instead of driving up Sunday morning, because our first activity up there was a tour of a beer factory.  And not one of the big boys.  The smaller Lakefront Brewery.

FREE BEER! (After paying for the tour)

The tour was about an hour or so, and was led by a guy named Chuck.  Chuck was a delight to have; calling out people who weren’t having fun, igniting baseball rivalries, and busting out the Laverne and Shirley theme song.

Chuck wants you to have fun...or pay the consequences

Here’s a few more photos from the factory.

The original home of Bernie Brewer

An 80-year-old beer bottle machine

The next day, Monday, was the day of the game.  But with time to kill, what did we do?


I’m not going to talk about how I shot (piss poor), but instead show you a couple pics of the course.

We played on the Island Course, appropriately named for the 8th hole here.

I did not pick up a GIR here

And after all that, the main reason of the trip.

Let’s state two things about Miller Park and the Brewers before we continue with the photo essay:

  1. Miller Park is the best baseball stadium I have been to.  It looks great on the outside and inside, and should be a base for what new baseball stadiums should be.
  2. Even though I was wearing enemy colors that day (Cardinal red) and expected it, Brewers fans that were in our section were idiotic tw*ts

Surprisingly, there was a lot of Cardinals in our section that day.  That was a good thing, considering how hostile the section was.  Back to the photos:

Hank Aaron statute. Much respect.

The view from our section.

Needless to say, Reidy scored big time for the tickets.  Sweet ass view.

Bernie's new home and slide.

Top-notch scoreboard. Bad picture taking angle.

The FS Wisconsin pre-game show.

Yadi warming up. He would be in trouble the next night.

It wouldn’t be an IFL photo essay if I didn’t take pictures of players on my team on the scoreboard.  I do run the show here though.

I also noticed something very odd during the game…


If you don’t get the joke, click here.

If you didn’t have enough proof that Reidy and I had close enough seats, here’s another example, from when the game was underway.

Puma Power!

Corey Hart does not give a f***

Side story, one of the Brewers fan tw*ts in our section screamed for Corey Hart the entire game.  It was an apparent attempt to get him to throw a ball to him, but I think he secretly wanted sodomy with the outfielder.  Corey Hart is not a pretty man BTW.

And as everyone knows, it’s not a game at Miller Park without a race from the sausages.  I completely forgot who won that night, because I was still pissed about the 5 runs the Cardinals gave up the inning prior.  So all I could get was after the race, partially because they started the race on the complete opposite end of the stadium from us, and the iPhone only goes so far.

And finally, let’s meet Most Daring/Reidy.

Final score, Brewers 6, Cardinals 2.


So despite shooting a horrible round of golf, and seeing the Cardinals lose for the second time in person this season, the trip to Milwaukee was a blast.  A much suggested endeavor for anyone who wants to go there and Miller Park.  I’ll be making a return trip someday.

And remember, if you want to join me for an IFL Road Trip, e-mail me at toonboy92484@yahoo.com with your suggestion.

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  1. Most Daring
    August 11, 2011 at 11:39 AM

    Thanks for the photo of me and my GF.

    • August 11, 2011 at 11:42 AM

      Reidy likes ’em thick then.

  1. August 31, 2011 at 12:20 PM

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