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Liveblogging/Open Threads?

The weekly update is being worked on, but I want to go semi-off-topic for a moment before I got that up.

There’s an idea that I’ve always wanted to toy around with, and that’s the idea of running a liveblog for an event.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, the moderator basically puts up a post, and everyone comes in to comment on said post for their thoughts and reactions to the event, while the moderator constantly updates the post to reflect what is going on.

I’ve signed up for an account at Cover It Live, which one of the standard bearers of covering live events, but haven’t had a chance to put it to use yet.  And the account was mine in March.  So I’m hoping to get some use out of this, especially during the football season.

So here’s some potential ideas for live blogs that we can shoot for:

  • Sunday Night/Monday Night Football – As much as it would be fun to go for the whole day, these two games would have the highest potential traffic without the chance of a burnout, and most everyone would be watching it.  You could chat about the games, and I’ll provide commentary and score updates on the week’s matchups.
  • College football/Illini games – Same concept.  We could all have a place to vent our frustrations about Ron Zook and why we can’t reach the Rose Bowl every year.  Other teams and games could be done too.
  • ‘The League’ – Pretty much everyone I know loves this show.  We could set up a liveblog and chat about the episode as we all watch it together.  This could have the highest potential of fun and hijinxs.
  • ‘My Little Pont: Friendship is Magic’ – Because…why not?  Bronies pretty much took over the blog.  I don’t get The Hub, so we’d all have to come together the next day and sync up a Youtube stream, and pretend it’s live.  I would play apologist for whatever evils Rainbow Dash does.

Any other ideas or suggestion, let me know.  But the basic idea is to gather interest and find out if you guys would want to do this.  So…

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