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Week 22 Matchups Announced

Before the season began, it was announced that Week 22, the last week of the Illinois Fantasy Baseball League season, would be a wild card week.  That meant that matchups would be coordinated to make as many matchups as possible matter in the final week of the season.

Well, it’s Friday of Week 21.  So it’s time to announce next week’s matchups.

There was one criteria that was set in place while developing these matchups.  No matchup could have occurred for a third time this year.  That means no inter-division matchups in Week 22, and teams from other divisions that you’ve played twice would not happen for a third time.

The data I used is what the projected standings would be is if the results as of this morning stand.  Now, here’s the matchups, with projected overall standings, as of this morning, next to them:

  • (1) South Side Cubs Fans vs. (2) All Balls No Strikes

The two teams with the best records in the league will face off.  If the projected standings hold, SSCF would lock up the top seed after Week 21.  So they wouldn’t have anything to play for, apart from pride.  ABNS is still in a race, but for positioning only, already having locked up the Obama title.  If the standings from this morning hold, they would hold a 3.5 game lead over the 3rd placed team.

  • (3) Quiet TheRiot vs. (4) PujolsalwaysCardinal

If the standings hold, QTR would win the Lincoln Division after Week 21, and be playing for the 2nd overall seed.  Same story with PaC, but they would not have the Grant Division clinched.  They would have a sizable lead though.

  • (15) Bad News Bears vs. (16) Fernando Vina’s Goatee

Basically the two worst teams in the league.  That’s about it.

  • (8) The Chosen People vs. (9) BooBooCubs

The wild card standings tightened up considerably after Week 20.  At the current pace of Week 21, that gap would be blown wide open, with a gap of 5 games between 8th and 9th.  A matchup between TCP and BBC could close that gap, or lock quite a few teams in the playoffs.

  • (5) Good Wood Gang vs. (14) Triple Crown

GWG currently would have a 5-game cushion over the line between making and missing the playoffs, and this was the best possible situation.  I was aiming for teams placed in the wild card to play teams not in the wild card, so you have more variety.  TC’s season would be over by this point.

  • (6) SouthSideSluggers vs. (13) NIU Huskies

SSS is a little closer to the line, only having a 2.5-game cushion.  And NIU has been a tough opponent as of late, currently in position to win 3 out of 4 matchups.  This could be a matchup that shakes up the wild card race.

  • (10) Muse Academy Muses vs. (11) Most Daring

It says 10th and 11th, but MA and MD are tied for 10th as of right now.  This matchup was selected down the line, so the three times rule came into play.  In this matchup, one team would have a realistic shot to vault into the playoffs, or both could be knocked out.  Of note, MD did just that last year, sneaking into the playoffs on a tiebreaker last year.

  • (7) Funky Cold Molina vs. (12) Quincy Dirtbags

This is another one of those one-or-the-other matchups.  QD needs a huge week to have a shot at the wild card, while FCM is barely hanging onto a playoff spot at the moment.


One week left in the season.  Can you feel it?


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