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IFL Week 1 Summary

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The first week of the season is now complete.  Here’s a recap of all the matchups from Week 1:

The Other Side defeats DaBearColts (99.90-88.36)

The league’s defending champion started off their title defense with a good win in the Obama Division.  The Other Side used strong performances from their wide receivers in a combined 40.20 point effort, along with 23 points from the Philadelphia defense, to pace their way for the week.  DaBearColts got a dream start to the week, when matchup MVP Drew Brees turned in a great Thursday night performance into 35.06 points.  But DBC couldn’t get quality performances from their other members, even suffering a 0 point day from an injured Arian Foster.  All in all, TOS is starting their title defense 1-0.

Player of the Game – Drew Brees, QB, DaBearColts; 419 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 3 rushing yards (35.06 points)

Peyton in the neck defeats 4th and Inches (111.78 – 109.06)

In the week’s closest matchup, last year’s runner-up Peyton in the neck (formerly known as Da Winner) defeated league newcomer 4th and Inches by 2.72 points.  This matchup was as even as you could get.  Pitn had better performances in this matchup from their WRs, TE, and DEF, while 4th had the better QB, RBs, and K.  In the end, it was Pitn squeaking out the victory, and picking up a vital Reagan Division win.

Player of the Game – Ray Rice, RB, Peyton in the neck; 107 yards and 1 TD rushing, 42 yards and 1 TD receiving (26.9 points)

Bad News Bears defeats Tim TebOwned (125.68 – 106.46)

Last year’s best regular season team is off to another fast start, picking up a big Obama Division win and putting up the second most points in the league in Week 1.  The matchup was even on WRs, with BNB picking up 29.8 points from Steve Smith and TTO earning 28.0 from Wes Welker.  TTO had the stronger RBs, but BNB led the rest of the categories to help secure victory.

Player of the Game – Steve Smith, WR, Bad News Bears; 178 yards, 2 TDs receiving (29.80 points)

Muse Academy Muses defeats TD’s n’ Beer (90.70 – 68.72)

The Muses began their season on the right side in a convincing victory over league newcomer TD’s n’ Beer in a Grant Division battle.  Last season, the Muses suffered numerous close victories that led to keeping them out of the playoffs.  They were able to grab the victory with a stifling Baltimore defense that netted 28 points, and the Rivers-to-Gates connection on the Chargers.  TD suffered from low performances, with QB Eli Manning the only starter to break double digits.  They did receive a good boost with the pick up from RB Derrick Ward for 9.9 points.

Player of the Game – Baltimore DEF, Muse Academy Muses; 7 points allowed, 4 sacks, 3 INTs, 4 fumble recoveries (28.00 points)

Most Daring defeats hangembangem69 (74.90 – 61.42)

This Lincoln Division battle was the lowest scoring matchup of the week, with hangembangem69 having the lowest total, and Most Daring having the third lowest total of the week.  Of the 18 possible starting positions, only 7 combined saw double digits.  Overall, MS led in every position, except for DEF, but did not blow away in any category, apart from kicking.  In a week that would have seen both teams defeated by nearly everyone else in the league, MD defeats the newcomer to start the season 1-0.

Player of the Game – David Akers, K, Most Daring; 4 FG (0-19, 2 20-29, 30-39), 3 PATs (16.00 points)

ItsonlikeNdamukong defeats Sparland Hilltoppers (116.08 – 81.10)

Offensively, this matchup was about as even as possible.  SH led in WRs, RBs, and TE, while Itson led in QB and K.  The difference in this matchup was the defenses.  Itson started the Chicago DEF and picked up a solid 32 points, while SH suffered bad luck and lost 7 points with the Kansas City DEF.  That makes for a 39 point swing, in a matchup where the difference was 34.98 points.  Itson takes the victory in the Lincoln Division matchup.

Player of the Game – Chicago DEF, ItsonlikeNdamukong; 6 points allowed, 5 sacks, INT, 2 fumble recoveries, defensive TD (32.00 points)

The Brady Bunch defeats Jay Cutler’s Insulin (132.58 – 82.38)

After an 11-3 season in 2010, The Brady Bunch begins 2011 with the biggest margin of victory in Week 1.  Led by a record-setting performances by the team’s namesake, Tom Brady, along with kicker Sebastian Janikowski, TBB picks up a big Reagan Division win.  TBB also picked up the most points for the week, leaving them at the top of the standings after Week 1.  JCI performed well too, with strong performances by their namesake, Jay Culter.  But in the end, TBB’s RBs, QB, and K propelled them to victory.

Player of the Game – Tom Brady, QB, The Brady Bunch; 517 yards, 4 TDs, INT passing, 3 yards rushing (42.98 points)

Niemi No No defeats 2001 Redskins (105.36 – 95.58)

This matchup was another close Week 1 battle.  The difference in this matchup was the defenses.  NNN rode matchup MVP San Francisco DEF to 28 points, while 2001 had a respectable 18 from the New York Jets DEF.  That 10 point difference was the difference in the matchup.  Looking at the other stats, NNN had the better performance in WRs, while 2001 took every other category, apart from DEF.  In that one stat though, NNN WRs were 24.8 points better.  Both teams missed the playoffs last year, but NNN is off on the right foot for 2011.

Player of the Game – San Francisco DEF, Niemi No No; 17 points allowed, 5 sacks, INT, 2 fumble recoveries, 2 return TDs (28.00)

And now a look at the matchups in Week 2.  Every matchup this week is still in divisional play.

  • The Brady Bunch (1-0) vs. Peyton in the neck (1-0)
  • 4th and Inches (0-1) vs. Jay Cutler’s Insulin (0-1)
  • ItsonlikeNdamukong (1-0) vs. Most Daring (1-0)
  • Sparland Hilltoppers (0-1) vs. hangembangem69 (0-1)
  • Bad News Bears (1-0) vs. DaBearColts (0-1)
  • The Other Side (1-0) vs. Tim TebOwned (0-1)
  • Muse Academy Muses (1-0) vs. 2001 Redskins (0-1)
  • Niemi No No (1-0) vs. TD’s n’ Beer (0-1)
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