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IFL Week 13 Preview

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We have reached the final week of the 2011 season in the Illinois Football League.  After 12 weeks of play, 4 teams have clinched berths to the playoffs, while 5 teams are still alive for the 4 remaining berths.  Here’s a look at the final week of the season:

First, a look at the teams who are already in the playoffs:

  • Most Daring (11-1) – Suffered first loss of the season in Week 12, but had wrapped up Lincoln Division and top seed way beforehand.
  • The Brady Bunch (9-3) – Could end up in a tie at the end of the season in the Reagan Division, but will end up as the division champion due to having a better divisional record.
  • FredJacksonFuckFaces (8-4) – Has not clinched Obama Division title, but has a good enough record to not fall below 8th place.
  • 4th and Inches (8-4) – Can still tie for Reagan Division best record, but will lose out on the tiebreaker, and has a high enough record to clinch a playoff spot.

Now a look at the teams who have been eliminated from playoff contention:

  • PolaMAULu (1-11)
  • Niemi No No (3-9)
  • Tim TebOwned (4-8)
  • 2001 Redskins (4-8)
  • Jay Cutler’s Insulin (4-8)
  • Peyton in the Neck (5-7)
  • Fig Newton (5-7)

That leaves these five teams still fighting for their season:

  • TD’s n’ Beer (7-5)
  • Bad News Bears (7-5)
  • The Other Side (7-5)
  • Sparland Hilltoppers (7-5)
  • Applejack’s Bronies (6-6)

Of note, TD’s n’ Beer and Applejack’s Bronies are still in contention for the Grant Division championship, and can make the playoffs that way.  FredJacksonFuckFaces, Bad News Bears, and The Other Side are still in contention for the Obama Division title.

Because the first tiebreaker in determining wild card slots with teams with similar records is total points scored, here’s a breakdown of how the five teams rank in that stat:

  1. Bad News Bears – 1187.64
  2. Applejack’s Bronies – 1087.66
  3. TD’s n’ Beer – 1053.66
  4. The Other Side – 1048.38
  5. Sparland Hilltoppers – 982.82

And now a look at the matchups this week involving teams still fighting for a playoff berth:

  • Applejack’s Bronies (6-6) vs. Niemi No No (3-9); TD’s n’ Beer (7-5) vs. 2001 Redskins (4-8) – As previously stated, TD’s n’ Beer and Applejack’s Bronies are still fighting for the Grant Division title.  A win by TD’s n’ Beer will clinch the division title, while a loss by Applejack’s Bronies eliminates them and puts the other 4 teams in the playoffs.  If the opposite held true, then the two teams would be tied on overall record and the first tiebreaker, divisional record.  It would then come down to overall points, where Applejack’s Bronies holds a 34 point advantage.
  • Bad News Bears (7-5) vs. The Other Side (7-5) – There is a very simple motto for this matchup; ‘win and you’re in’.  The winner of this matchup will end up with an 8-5 record, good enough to clinch a wild card slot at the very least, and possibly the Obama Division title.  The loser will end up with a 7-6 record, and have to play the waiting game to see if they get a wild card slot.
  • Sparland Hilltoppers (7-5) vs. Most Daring (11-1) – Sparland Hilltoppers is also in a ‘win and you’re in’ scenario, but the task is much tougher for them.  They will be in a matchup with the best team in the league, and they have by-far the lowest point total of the 5 teams still fighting for a playoff spot.  A loss could make for a very nervous week for the Hilltoppers, but a win makes life easier.

Good luck to all in the final week of the season!  And many, many, many apologies for the lack of updates this season.

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