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IFL Road Trip #3: Lacon Old Settler’s 2011

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

IFL Road Trip #1: Busch Stadium, St. Louis

IFL Road Trip #2: Chicago/Milwaukee

Welcome to the third edition of the IFL Road Trip.  Originally, I wasn’t going to include this as a road trip, because in a way it isn’t.  It’s more of a homecoming.  A significant portion of league members in the IFL and the IFB are natives of the small Marshall County seat of around 2,000 residents.  Here’s list of who has played in the leagues and came from the Lacon/Sparland/Midland School District area:

  • Anabolic A Rods (2010 IFB)/4th and Inches (2011 IFL)
  • BJ Penn (2010 IFB)
  • Bambinos (2010 IFB)
  • Bushwackers (2010 IFB)
  • JSloan (2010 IFB)/Bad News Bears (2010 IFL, 2011 IFB, 2011 IFL)
  • Muse Academy Muses (2010 IFB, 2010 IFL, 2011 IFB, 2011 IFL)
  • Sparland Hilltoppers (2010 IFB, 2010 IFL, 2011 IFL)
  • B1R (2010 IFL)
  • The Grove Johnsons (2010 IFL)
  • NIU Huskies (2011 IFB)

It may not be a majority, but a good portion of league members have a base in Lacon.  If there was an official home for the leagues, it would be Lacon.

But many of the people move on to different things; bigger jobs, college, general moving out of the area.  It happens, but Lacon is still home, with family and friends based here.

That is why Old Settler’s is a big event.  It’s the town’s biggest festival event of the year, and everyone comes back for at least a visit.  I couldn’t tell you how many friends from the past I ran into this past weekend, and it was superb to catch up with them all.  Some of things that occur during the festival have changed over the years, some for the worst, but the basic elements have stayed the same.

And that will be the theme of the photos taken from the 141st edition of the Lacon Old Settler’s festival.  The theme will be staples, staples of the event that you know will be there, and are true of every small town festival.  So come join us on this journey.

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IFL Road Trip #2: Chicago/Milwaukee

August 11, 2011 3 comments

IFL Road Trip #1: Busch Stadium

With my wife and child in Europe on a vacation to visit family for nearly two months, it gives me opportunities that might not be entirely possible if they were around the area.  One of them is a road trip to visit friends over multiple days, with activities galore.  I recently took part in one of those endeavors, with photo evidence below the jump…

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IFL Road Trip #1: Busch Stadium

July 28, 2011 2 comments

Today on the blog we debut a new feature, the IFL Road Trip.  What this will basically be is a photo gallery of a trip to somewhere I go with a fellow league member.  And since my wife has the better camera in Europe, all these photos will be taken from my iPhone, which still has better quality than some of my older cameras/phones.

Road trip #1 occurred on June 26th, when I was joined by Bad News Bears (a.k.a. Joe Sloan) for a trip down to St. Louis and Busch Stadium to see the hometown Cardinals take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  On that day, the Redbirds were trying to avoid a sweep to the Canadian-based team.  It didn’t end well.  They were shut out on a two-hitter, losing the game 5-0.

It’s kinda ironic I post this a month late and on this day, considering the big trade the two teams pulled off yesterday, where Colby Rasmus was sent north for a bunch of pitchers.

So without further ado, here’s a photo summary of the trip:

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