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Prairie Bowl II

December 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Who’s winning it?

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IFL Theater Delayed

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Busy week and the rush of yesterday has put off this week’s edition.  Plus, I didn’t get an idea popped into my until the shower this morning, so there’s a script to write out.  Hopefully something will be up by tonight or tomorrow.

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Thursday Tidbits

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

None of these really warrant posts on their own, so here’s some random musings (*points to team name* Get it?  Ha ha!) about the leagues:

  • After discussions with others, there is consideration to changing up some stats for the 2012 IFB season.  The consideration is to switch the BB category to WHIP.  Comment below to leave your thoughts.  This is for the 2012 season.  All stats for this year are locked in.
  • I am trying to get the social networking aspect of the leagues on a more proficient level.  You can follow the leagues on Twitter (@ilfantasyleague), and there’s a Facebook page that you can ‘like’.  I would post a link to try and like right from the blog, but Facebook was not being nice to me.  So, just search ‘Illinois Fantasy Leagues’ on Facebook and like us there.
  • Still looking for people to sign up for the ‘Meet A Manager’ series.  It’s been pretty successful so far.
  • The page is trying to grow its links with ‘Friends of the Leagues’.  Basically, it’s just people I know on a personal level, and sites that have been good to the blog.  If you have a blog or website you want me to add to the ‘friends’ list, e-mail me at
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2010 Season in Review: Da Win

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Installment #13 features the IFL runner-up:


Da Win

  • Record – 10-7 (3-3 Lincoln)
  • Playoffs – Runner-up
  • Points For – 1309.16 (5th)
  • Points Against – 1189.24 (5th)
  • Playoffs Points For – 280.84 (3rd)
  • Playoffs Points Against – 253.16 (5th)
  • MVP – QB Matt Ryan (308.40 points)
  • Best Win – Week 14, Niemi No No (165.68 – 64.34)
  • Worst Loss – Week 11, The Other Side (139.82 – 95.32)
  • Longest Win Streak – 3 (Weeks 8-10)
  • Longest Losing Streak – 2 (Weeks 1-2, 11-12)

They weren’t the strongest team…they didn’t get hot and go on a run….but when it mattered most, Da Win followed their IFB counterpart (2010 Not a Holliday) to the championship round.  Unfortunately the same results happened, with a defeat in both cases.

The 5th-seeded Da Win pulled off victories over 4th-seeded Sparland Hilltoppers (gaining revenge for a defeat in the IFB Championship), and upset top-seeded Bad News Bears, before losing the Prairie Bowl to 3rd-seeded The Other Side.

Da Win was led this year by strong performances from MVP QB Matt Ryan, and a strong RB combo Darren McFadden and Ray Rice.  One key to last season victories was the addition of QB-WR Joe Webb, which effectively gave Da Win two QBs to play each week.

Da Win will be looking to build off of 2010’s successes, and look for a repeat trip to the Prairie Bowl, and potentially reverse their fortunes.

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2010 Season in Review: Bad News Bears

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is installment #12 of the Season in Review Series:


Bad News Bears

  • Record – 12-4 (7-0 Reagan)
  • Playoffs – 3rd Place
  • Points For – 1405.96 (2nd)
  • Points Against – 1096.50 (1st)
  • Playoffs Points For – 304.62 (2nd)
  • Playoffs Points Against – 237.74 (3rd)
  • MVP – QB Michael Vick (352.32 points)
  • Best Win – Week 14, Muse Academy Muses (148.40 – 92.20)
  • Worst Loss – Week 4, Da Win (58.62 – 41.26)
  • Longest Win Streak – 5 (Weeks 10-14)
  • Longest Losing Streak – 2 (Weeks 8-9)

Bad News Bears was the odds-on favorite to win the first even IFL Championship.  BNB was the 2nd-highest scoring team in the league, and had the least amount of points against them.  A 6-1 start was slightly derailed by a 2-game losing streak in Weeks 8 and 9, but a 5-game winning streak to end 2010 gave BNB all the momentum going into the playoffs.

The top seed in the playoffs (and the only team to be undefeated in their division) had a convincing quarterfinal win over Tim TebOwneed, but BNB was upset in the semifinals with a loss to 5th-seeded Da Win.  In that match-up, BNB only mustered 75.72 points, it’s lowest total since a Week 4 loss (41.26).  BNB took care of business and defeated The Brady Bunch to salvage 3rd place.

A strong team that featured top-pick RB Chris Johnson was bolstered mid-season with the pick up of their eventual MVP, QB Mike Vick.  With the right players, Bad News Bears could make another run in the playoffs next year and make up for a disappointing defeat.

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2010 Season in Review: The Brady Bunch

January 5, 2011 1 comment

Installment #11 in our Season in Review series continues today with the 3rd place game loser.


The Brady Bunch

  • Record – 12-5 (5-2 Lincoln)
  • Playoffs – 4th Place
  • Points For – 1372.02 (3rd)
  • Points Against – 1163.54 (3rd)
  • Playoffs Points For – 241.52 (5th)
  • Playoffs Points Against – 286.24 (6th)
  • MVP – QB Tom Brady (371.00)
  • Best Win – Week 13, Muse Academy Muses (117.44 – 66.18)
  • Worst Loss – Week 12, The Other Side (113.12 – 98.44)
  • Longest Win Streak – 4 (Weeks 1-4)
  • Longest Losing Streak – 1 (Weeks 5, 9, 12)

One of the most consistent and dominate teams of 2011, The Brady Bunch was poised for a championship run.  Led by Tom Brady and a very strong Green Bay Packers defense, TBB posted the third highest scoring offense in the IFL, and earned the second seed as the champion of the Lincoln Division.

A run at glory was unraveled in the semifinals of the playoffs, suffering a defeat to eventual champion, The Other Side, in a defeat that was larger than any regular season defeat.  That was followed by a tough loss in the 3rd-place match against Bad News Bears.  Point totals were relatively down in the playoffs, compared to the regular season, which was coupled with facing off against higher scoring teams.

With the right players for 2011, The Brady Bunch could take their team to league glory.

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2010 Season in Review: Sparland Hilltoppers

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Installment #10 features the team that won it all in the IFB, and won on a smaller scale in the IFL.

Sparland Hilltoppers

  • Record – 10-7 (3-4 Reagan)
  • Playoffs – Consolation Champion
  • Points For – 1353.76 (4th)
  • Points Against – 1309.62 (10th)
  • Playoffs Points For – 273.92 (4th)
  • Playoffs Points Against – 210.58 (1st)
  • MVP – QB Josh Freeman (308.44)
  • Best Win – Week 7, The Other Side (135.18 – 69.72)
  • Worst Loss – Week 11, Niemi No No (128.40 – 79.84)
  • Best Win Streak – 4 (Weeks 4-7)
  • Longest Losing Streak – 2 (Weeks 10-11)

Points was not an issue for Sparland Hilltoppers in 2010, as they looked to recapture the glory seen in the IFB.  The Hilltoppers featured two strong QBs, along with fantasy surprises in RB LeSean McCoy and WR Dwayne Bowe.  Their worst point total in a match-up occurred in Week 1, only scoring 40.86 points, and not scoring less than 72 points after that (apart from the Consolation Championship).

Sparland Hilltoppers looks to be a strong contender for 2011 by keeping the right players, and could turn the Consolation Championship into a Prairie Bowl title.

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